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How to Shape Your Pecs to Avoid Them Looking Like Man Boobs

Genuine male boobs are the result of a hormone imbalance that causes the development of additional breast tissue. This also results in other symptoms such as sensitivity in the area and the enlargement of the areolas. In other words, gynecomastia leads to the formation of actual breasts and in very rare scenarios this can even result in lactation.

But this isn’t the only way that a guy can end up with ‘moobs’. Another scenario involves working out, which can cause the pecs to form in such a way that they appear to look like boobs. This can be quite embarrassing for the guy and is somewhat ironic – in a bid to appear more masculine and powerful, they have accidentally given themselves the voluptuous physique of a woman!

What’s Going On?

So what’s going on?

In all likelihood, weightlifting-induced moobs are the results of two things:

  • Training the lower pec more than the upper pec
  • Bulking without cutting

The first issue can come from using the flat bench press or decline bench press without ever using the incline bench press. In other words, by lying flat, or even by lying backwards, the movement causes the bottom of the pecs to grow and swell much more than the upper pecs. This then causes the pecs to no longer look flat but instead to look as though they get larger and rounder towards the bottom – like saggy boobs!

The second problem comes when a guy is bulking and is building up his chest while also increasing his carbohydrates thus causing himself to gain a lot more fat.

Fat on the chest on its own doesn’t quite look breast-like, fortunately. And normally, muscles on the chest don’t quite look like breasts either. But if you take a big pec muscle and add a slab of fat on top, this can end up looking quite a lot like a female breast.

The Solution

So with this in mind, what’s the solution?

One tip is to avoid ‘bulking and cutting’ as your approach to gaining muscle. Rather than going through periods of growth followed by periods of weight loss, you should instead aim to build muscle while burning fat so that you aren’t constantly fluctuating in weight. This is generally a slower way to progress but it’s also much healthier – so unless you’re a professional competitor it’s definitely the smarter option.

On top of this, you should also ensure that you’re combining your flat bench and declining bench work with an incline press which can help to build flatter and fare less breast-like pecs. And a final note of caution – stay away from anabolic steroids. These can cause breasts to develop in a true gynecomastia sense as a result of hormone imbalances.

If you suspect that you do have gynecomastia then you should see your doctor and consider supplementing with the powerful Gynectrolfor a rapid and safe solution. Follow these tips and you should have a chest more similar to Superman rather than Wonder Woman!

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