How to Build Chest Muscle Fast

So you want to build a big chest, aye, and who doesn’t in this day and age we all want a big chest, don’t we? So below I’m going to tell you how to build chest muscle fast. The first exercise on this list will be the bench press!


Man, I’ve heard that so much. I’ve wanted to knock people out, I remember winning an MMA competition, and because I was bigger afterward I got asked “how much do ya bench then?” what the hell? Not how do I work my technique, or even “how much do I squat” “HOW MUCH do I bench!?”

When I began bodybuilding this just got worse and worse. Fortunately, I’ve always done well on the bench press and can hold my own to a very elite level in my body class but it does get my head in. I was squatting records actually breaking and setting records not just national but also on a world level despite this I got asked “how much you bench?” Sorry, rant over!

Anyway, onto the bench press shall we?

Despite all I’ve said above the bench press is a GREAT exercise for building chest muscle and tricep muscle! It works more muscles than that though, actually it works the triceps, the shoulders, the chest, the stomach muscles, and even the back to some degree.

Some have a problem with the traditional barbell bench press being able to build muscle mass on the chest, this is fine a lot of us have this issue. Simply swapping the dumbbell bench press fixes this for most. Sure, you won’t lift as much but when someone asks you “How much do you bench!” you can answer “I only do dumbbells, man.” It gets rid of that annoying question and also allows you to ADD a lot of strength and muscle!

Exercise number 2, my favorite, the WEIGHTED DIP! The weighted dip is a fantastic exercise for building muscle and strength, I don’t think there is another exercise around that can work the chest, shoulders, and triceps to this degree.

Honestly, it activates and recruits so many different muscle fibers the hormonal release is outstanding you can do NOTHING but get bigger and stronger on this! I am a BIG BIG fan of the weighted dip so add it to your routine

How to build chest muscle fast

Another great way to end your sessions is through cable cross over, if you have access to this, of course, remember it is a luxury not an essential part of your chest training routine. Simply end your session with 2 sets of 25-30 reps and you will see this is a great way to blast it. A few more exercises worth mentioning are the INCLINE bench press (I prefer this with dumbbells but you can also use a barbell!)

Push-ups with a weighted vest and between chairs to really isolate and work those chest muscles! This one is fantastic and one of the most superior and great exercises known to man! I could go on and on but there are so many great exercises out there. I hope I answered your question on how to build chest muscle fast with this!

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