The Massive Guns Workout

If you’re looking for a total guns workout then that will put you ahead in the arms race, check out this awesome and punishing routine.

The Workout

Without further ado, here are the exercises and the rep/set counts you need to perform the workout. Notice the descending repetitions – you should be going to failure on each set and that means you should have to do fewer on the next one.

Close Grip Bench – 4 Sets – 15/12/10/8

The bench press is often thought of as purely a pec exercise but it’s important to remember just how compounding the exercise actually is. In other words, it’s also perfect for training your triceps and the narrow grip really brings the focus in here.

Skullcrushers – 3 Sets – 12/10/8

Skull crushers are a great exercise to follow up with because they can be performed right on the bench with the same bar as the press. Just lie down and slowly lower a light barbell to your forehead and then up again. You’ll hinge at the elbows, as with most tricep exercises.

Weighted Dips – 3 Sets – 12 Reps

Another tricep exercise that also trains the pecs. Perform dips with a weight belt and some plates hanging. Alternatively, you can hold a dumbbell on your feet.

Kickbacks – 3 Sets – 12 Reps

Tricep kickbacks are a classic tricep move that really isolates the muscles.

Underhand Bent Over Rows – 4 Sets – 15/12/10/8

Bent over rows are classically considered lat exercises but just as the bench press can be configured to hit the triceps, so can we change the angle and make rows hit the bis. All you need to do is twist the hand around for a supinated grip.

Hammer Curls – 3 Sets – 10 Reps (Each Side)

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and then simply perform curls. You’ll be using a hammer grip though, which means your palms are facing inward. For this workout, you’ll be bringing the dumbbells across and in front of the chest, rather than up by the sides. This will better isolate the biceps and prevent you from using momentum to swing them up (not that you would of course!).

Barbell Curls – 3 Sets – 12 Reps

Barbell curls are another simple one you’ll no doubt know. Here you’ll just curl… but with a barbell.

Concentration – 3 Sets – 12 Reps (Each Side)

We’re not going to end up on an easy one. Rather you’ll finish with concentration curls and really squeeze every last bit of effort out of your biceps!

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