Chest Exercises And Chest workout

We suggest to you this most effective Plan !

Flat Bench Press :
This exercise provides you big returns for the energy you invest. It helps you build strength and improve the muscle density not only for your chest but for the front of your shoulders and triceps as well.

How to do:

Lie on a bench, keep your feet flat firmly on the floor a little more than your shoulder width, keep also your back flat on the bench. By using a grip broader than your shoulder width hold the barbell above your body then lower slowly to the middle of your chest. After that drop the barbell up over your chest till your arms are straight and repeat.

Incline Barbell Press :
Incline Barbell Press targets the upper chest area. In this exercise, the descent of the weight in your chest will increase and develop your strength and coordination.

How to do:

Incline the bench by 45 degree angle, sit on the bench with holding your back firmly to it and your feet flat on the floor and use a grip with always little wider than your shoulder width apart then hold bar over your upper chest with your arms straight. Lower slowly the bar till it touch your upper chest area then go back to the starting position.

Dumbbell Bench Press:
Considered as an alternative to the incline barbell press, dumbbell bench press helps you to build mass equally well and stimulates the chest muscles even more. This exercise helps to keep the bones and joints in a secure position and enable the main muscle groups to extend and flex.

How to do:

At first, sit on the edge of a flat bench with the dumbbells on your knees then roll smoothly onto your back while bringing the dumbbells up above your shoulders and hold your elbow on a 90 degree angle in order that your upper arms are parallel to the ground. Upper the weights above your body on a triangular motion till they meet while you’re extending your arms then follow the same triangular path downward as you lower the dumbbells.

Dumbbell Incline Press :
This exercise focuses mostly on the upper chest area by setting the incline bench at a steeper angle which will place more emphasis on the upper pecs.

How to do:

Incline the bench at a 45 degree angle and sit on the edge of it, then pick up the dumbbells. Push them to a point over your upper chest with your palms facing forward (pointing toward your feet) and press your back and shoulders firmly against the bench. Lower the weights slowly to the starting position which is at your shoulders level.

Decline Dumbbell Bench Press:
This exercise targets primarily your lower chest and secondary your front shoulders and triceps. It is mostly done by first timers so it has to be done with light weights because you’ll have less control of the dumbbells in that position.

How to do:

Grab, at first, a pair of dumbbells and position yourself on the decline bench. Carefully lie on the flat bench with the weights on your knees then bring them to the side of your torso at chest level. Press the dumbbells up the locked position directly over your chest area, slightly touching each other with palms facing forwards. Get back to the starting position and repeat it slowly.

Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly:
It is a great isolation exercise for the chest. It stimulates the entire region of the chest to pump blood into the area. You can perform flat bench dumbbell fly at the end of your chest workout to make sure that your chest is entirely exhausted. It also hits the shoulders and triceps.

How to do:

As the same position of the Dumbbell Bench Press, bring the dumbbells to the sides of your torso at your chest level making an arc like motion toward the floor until your chest is comfortably stretched. Then press the weights up to the locked position over your chest area slightly touching each other (your elbows must remain flexed throughout the entire movement). Get back to the starting position and repeat it.

Incline Dumbbell Fly :
It is also an isolation exercise but it focuses on the upper chest and hits also the front shoulders and triceps. It has the same effect of the flat bench dumbbell fly by flushing the entire area with blood.

How to do:

Like the same position of Incline Dumbbell Press. Slowly lower your arms out to the side of your body with your arms at right angles. The dumbbells should be slowly lowered in an arc simultaneously like motion toward the floor until the chest stretches entirely. Your hand should be also parallel the trunk of your body at the bottom position of the exercise (your elbows must remain flexed throughout the entire movement). Raise and repeat.

Cable Crossover :
This exercise is similar to the motion of the dumbbell flies.

How to do:

Hold in each hand the stirrup handles attached to the high pulley and stand one foot on front of the weight stacks and lean slightly forward. Bring the handles in front of your body in a hugging motion by pulling down in a slight angle with your elbows slightly bent and make sure to focus on using only your chest to perform the movement. Wait until your hands meet in front of your midsection then get back slowly to the starting position and repeat.

The Dumbbell Pullover :
This exercise can be classified as a back and chest workout and it demands a perfect form. To perform the exercise your form and technique must be spot on, in order to do it the key is breathing (Breath in as you are lowering the weight and breath out as you bring the weight up).

How to do:

Lie down on a bench with your shoulders near the end of it and your head off. Grasp the dumbbell and press the weight up and have a have a slight bend to your arms at the starting position. Then slowly lower the dumbbell till you stretch your arms and all the concerned muscles including of course your chest as the weight reach the floor then get back to the starting position and repeat.

Parallel Bar Dip :
This workout is a great mass builder for your chest and triceps. Mostly this exercise is classified as a triceps workout but to ensure the effectiveness of parallel bar dip to build your chest you must, first of all, keep your head down during the course of the movement and keep your body forward and also you may have to move your elbows out a bit away from your body which will ensure you the use of your chest more than your triceps.

How to do:

Support your body at a straight arm’s length, keep your back straight, your knees flexed and your feet behind you.
Lower your body to a position when you feel comfortably stretched, then push your torso upward to the starting position.

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