Powerful Workout for Chest and Abs in 30 Minutes

Combining two different muscle groups in a single workout is a perfect strategy. If you can do that, then you can save time and be more efficient in the gym, while at the same time still being able to focus on one area rather than only vaguely touching the entire body. In other words, it’s a great way to break up your workouts that saves time while keeping the intensity high for every area.

For instance, how about this workout that trains the pecs and the abs. Seems like a strange pair to put together? Actually, it makes perfect sense, when you consider that the pecs and abs are both anterior chain muscles, located directly next to each other and with a surprising amount of carryover.

Each of the exercises listed here will target both muscle groups at the same time. Read on and be impressed with his efficiency…

Gymnastic Dips

These are dips, followed by a raise for the mid-section. So you dip down and then at the top of the movement, you keep going with your buttocks to raise your legs even higher while keeping them perfectly straight. It’s actually as though you’re about to do a handstand at the end of each dip. And as it happens, it’s fantastic for the core.

Arm Incline Press

Incline presses are great for working the tops of the pecs and bringing that definition that a lot of gym-goers are gunning for. At the same time though, this is also an excellent way to train the obliques and mid-section. As you lift with just one arm, it is the job of the rest of your body to keep you on the bench and to prevent you from rolling off onto the floor. That’s where the obliques come in, making it a great core workout.

Archer Pushups

Archer pushups are pushups that involve going down further on one arm while keeping the other outstretched. In other words, it’s almost like doing a one-armed push-up, except you’re also rocking to one side and the other hand is still touching the ground for support.

This is a brilliant move because it makes the regular press up much more challenging and much more effective for triggering growth. What’s more, your core will be working the entire way through to keep you straight. Focus on pulling in the stomach at the same time for added benefit targeting that transverse abdominis.

3-D Crossovers

3-D crossovers are cable crossovers with a nice little punching motion at the end. In other words, it’s a crossover for your obliques and it’s a one-armed chest press for your pec. See, it’s surprisingly easy to get your core involved in your pec workout!

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