How To Get a Bigger Chest

A bigger chest makes you look good. To achieve that you should make sure to focus on workouts that develop your pectorals by using the right training techniques and of course healthy bodybuilding diet program.

From a general point of view, the muscles grow when you give them sufficient rest and amino acids from foods that are rich in proteins after putting them enough on stress to create, in fact, microscopic tears in the muscle fibers; this whole process will lead your muscles to heal bigger (having bigger chest which is the subject) and stronger than they were before.

This process is known by the name of hypertrophy, but the most important thing, in order to pursue your enhancement, is that once the muscle is healed it will be more susceptible and resistant to high stress. So you must hit it with the heaviest weights to restart, again, the damage/repair process which is going to lead you to build a bigger chest. That’s why we often talk about “progressive overload” that allows us to lift bigger and bigger weights.

To achieve your goal of having a bigger chest you should obviously train it as hard as you can and give your muscle sufficient alimentation which is going to make, your chest or any other muscle, to be able to grow and become bigger. There are some precise ways to develop your muscle.

To help you reach your goal, we’ve chosen the most effective workouts to get a bigger chest.

Barbell Bench Press

If you’re a bodybuilder, one of your favorite workouts during chest day is the barbell bench press, one of the classics actually. In order to build a bigger chest, perform this exercise using a progressive overload as you progress in your set and mostly perform an 8 to 12 reps set. This will help your blood carry glycogen throughout your body, calories will be burned easily and your adrenaline level will increase.

Bar Dips

This workout focuses more on the lower part of the chest which would lead to hammer and isolate. Kick your feet back and keep your body forward as much as you can then bend your elbows slowly so that your body can drop down and get back to the starting position. Perform 3 sets of bar dips till failure. It is one of the best chest workout movements that will help you build a bigger chest.


This is one of the most neglected workouts on chest day. This exercise is the one that rules them all. Try to increase the number of reps in each set you do (make sure to minimize sets and increase reps). It helps to build your upper chest and your shoulders, also it hits your triceps as a secondary muscle group.

Incline Dumbbell Press

The incline dumbbell press workout angle emphasizes the upper chest and to sculpt that rounded look in your pectorals. Grab a pair of dumbbells (don’t go very heavy) and perform 10 to 12 reps in the first set, then grab the same weights and perform your movement until failure, and remember to squeeze your chest throughout the exercise. The main goal here is to build a bigger chest so forget your ego and forget about slinging weights.

Flat Dumbbell Fly

In this exercise and in order to build your bigger chest, try to urge on going really deep getting that stretch at the bottom of the movement, then squeeze back the weights to the top very slow and controlled. The effectiveness of this workout is that it helps you assemble an important amount of fibers across your chest more than some other pressing exercises which are going to improve the “mind-muscle connection” and allow you to use your chest muscles in other workouts. Try to perform two sets, the first one with 10 to 12 reps and the second one till failure.

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