A Tempo-Varying Workout for Chest and Abs

If you’ve read many of the workouts, then you’ll likely have noticed that they often combine slow-motion, eccentric focus, and static holds. Sometimes you’ll be simply holding your position and other times you’ll be moving very slowly. This lends itself very well to bicep and back workouts focussing on the pull-up bar, but as we’ll see, it can also work very well for the pecs and abs.

At any rate, what you’re doing here is targeting both fast-twitching and slow-twitching muscle fibers. Simultaneously, you’re training both for hypertrophy by flooding the muscles with blood and for power by utilizing acceleration. Varying the tempo of your workouts, in other words, is a highly effective tool. So here’s another workout that incorporates that, this time looking at the chest and abs.

Slow Motion Pull-Ups

Starting as we meant to go on slow-motion push-ups. Here the emphasis is really on the eccentric portion, so you’ll explode upwards and then slowly lower yourself back down. This is a great way to train the fast-twitch fibers (the explosive portion) and at the same time to train endurance and to create a pump.

Ankle Biters

This is an ab move you may not be familiar with that nicely targets the obliques. Simply get into a sit-up position, but have your hands by your sides and outstretched as though trying to touch your ankles (you shouldn’t quite be able to reach). With your back raised slightly off the ground, rock to either side in order to touch each ankle in turn.

Decline Diamond Push-Ups

Now you’re going to perform diamond push-ups for the triceps but using a decline angle. This moves more focus onto the upper pecs and onto the shoulders, which are areas too often neglected by athletes in the gym.

Push-Up Position Knee to Elbow

This is plank, while raising your knee to your elbows in turn. Unlike Spider-Man plank though, you’ll be bringing the knee up to the opposite arm on the inside. It’s a perfect one for this workout because it’s training the abs and obliques while also including a good isometric hold for the chest (the push-up position).

Clapping Press Ups Superset With Isometric Chest Flex

Now you’re going to perform clapping press-ups which will target the other end of the spectrum with some explosive plyometric training. After that, you’re going to move straight onto an isometric chest flex. That’s right: you’re simply going to tense your chest. This is a great way to flood the muscle at the end of the workout and to add a pump and at the same time, you’ll also be improving your mind-muscle connection and gaining more control over those motor units and muscle fibers. When you combine it with plyometric training like this, it will really contribute to that burn. Give it a go and see for yourself!

Of course, adding some flexing to a routine is also great for competitors who are looking to polish their posing skills!

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