Insane Chest Workout – Bodyweight Only

I have been working out for more than 15 years now and I must say that chest happens to be my favorite body part. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of chest exercises that can help you develop pecs beautifully. Here is a complete equipment-free workout that can help you get a ripped and shredded chest very quickly.

While it’s important to exercise properly, it’s also important to ensure that you do not take a long rest in between sets.


This is an excellent workout from Breden Meyers and includes almost 9 various kinds of push-ups. You can get great pumps and feel your chest burning by the time you are done with a few sets. So here’s more detail on the workout:

This workout is divided into 3 supersets, each involving 3 kinds of push-ups.

Before you begin your workout, do not forget to do 10-20 normal push ups for a warm up.

Superset no 1 – (3 sets each followed by a rest of 2-4 minutes)

10 Switch Push Ups

Brenden shows how to perform these push-ups in the most precise manner. All you have to do is switch your hands in a cross when you lift your body up. It’s an excellent movement and you can feel the burn within a few reps.

Perform 10 reps of this exercise followed by a 10 second rest.

6 Pause and Explode Push Ups

The second movement in this superset includes 6 Pause and Explode Push-ups. In this kind of push up, you pause for 2-3 seconds when you hit the ground. Count to 2 or 3 depending upon how long you can control when you go down before pushing up once again.

Once you have completed 6 reps of this exercise, take a break pause of 10 seconds.

8 Assisted Handstand Push Ups

The last and final exercise in this superset is the assisted handstand push up. In this kind of a push-up, you stretch your hands fully up while pushing up. Perform 8 reps for this push-up.

Superset no 2 (4 sets each followed by a rest of 2-4 minutes)

This superset also involves 3 kinds of push ups.

4 Spiderman Push Ups

You begin this set with 4 Spiderman Pushups. Take up the normal push up position and move one hand forward. Also, move the alternate leg forward and perform a push-up. Once you are done with it, go back to the starting position and perform the same movement with the other hand and leg. This complete one rep. You need to perform 4 reps of this exercise before you take a rest of 10 seconds.

5 Stationary Superman Push Ups

This is a simple variation of the normal push up. All you have to do is lift your hands up in the air while going up. Trust me, it looks easier than done. You just need to do 5 reps of this exercise followed by a rest of another 10 seconds.

4 Typewriter Push Ups

The last and final variation in this superset is called the Typewriter push up. This has to be done with a wide grip. Do not forget to watch this push up in the video above. You just need to perform 4 reps for this push-up.

Superset 3 (3 sets each followed by a rest of 2-4 minutes)

This superset also includes 3 kinds of push ups each followed by a rest of 10 seconds in between.

  • 7 Progressive Planche Push-Ups
  • 6 Pause Clap Push Ups – Pause for a few seconds when you go down and try to clap with your hands when you push up.
  • 4 Varying Assisted Handstand Push-Ups (each hand)


If you are game for this workout, you can get a real solid burn with it. Try it and you’ll love it. The beauty of this workout is that you do not require any kind of equipment, barbells or dumbbells.

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