Which Marvel Characters Would Take Steroids

These are the Marvel Characters who are, realistically, the most likely to have to used anabolic steroids to get that “extra edge” in either crime fighting, or to be the ultimate villain.

We’ve spoke about guys such as Eddie Brock, Iron Man, and Captain America, but who else fits into this? I’m sure the answers will surprise you.

The first female on our list

(Yes, from the Fantastic 4)

Why would the Invisible Woman take anabolic steroids? “What advantage could they possibly give here?” I hear you shouting at me.

Well, for one, let’s look at her jobs. She does a lot of stealth missions (obviously). The ability to be invisible is also a very important advantage on her usual jobs.

However, sometimes she has a certain time limit in which she needs to be in or out. Her goal is to infiltrate and exit with whatever or whoever she needs as soon as possible. This requires being as fast and healthy as possible. She’ll require strength to pull herself onto objects or over walls, etc., along, with needing a lot of endurance, but also capable of being an excellent sprinter.

The Anabolic steroids she’d use for this would be Anavar and Clen. The two of these would be perfect. Anavar would dramatically increase her endurance while giving her a nice strength boost, at the same time, it’d allow her to burn extra fat for energy and the clen would only compliment it by further increasing her energy and performance.

Her body fat is extremely low as we can all see. She is perhaps one of the sexiest marvel characters in a lot of people’s eyes. Never the less, despite the anabolic steroids she’d use, her training would be spot on.

She’d do weight training 3 times a week and it would be full body workouts that focused on exercises such as: The squat, the dead lift, the bench press, pullups, power cleans, etc.

She’d also train another 3 times a week with sprints, very similar to how an Olympic runner would. She’d constantly fight to improve her time on a regular basis, and could beat anyone in the Olympics in the sprint, this includes most men.

The Human Torch

Why the Human Torch? Simply put, because of vanity. He’s just as vain as Iron Man, minus the millions upon millions of dollars. The Human Torch would do the anabolics simply for vanity purposes first and foremost. Though, I’m sure he’d justify it by saying he is stronger and fitter than he ever was. But I’m pretty sure that would be second on his mind.

He’d use anabolics such as testosterone, deca, tren, anavar, Ghrp-2, ghrp-6, hgh, cjc without dac etc. turanabol.

His training would be a typical bodybuilding cycle, training each muscle group twice per week, focusing primarily on muscular gains.

What advantages would this give him besides luck? Well, the ability to fight better, lift heavier objects and the like would be the primary objects by him.


Yes, the sexy Elektra, with muscular legs to boot! One of the most kick ass marvel characters (litterally). Sure, she’s flirty and she might make out with you, but it’s more likely she’ll smack you in the lips rather than kiss you.

What anabolic steroids would Elektra use? Unlike most females she knows that being a strong female is important. She can intimidate her foes easily and that’s before she’s even started to break bones.

What anabolic steroids would she use?

Anavar, Deca, Ghrp-2, CJC without dac, HGH (to a lower degree) would all be used, along with clen. She knows the importance of strength and endurance, so she wouldn’t take anything to risk it. But at the same time, she knows how important it is being a female in a man’s world. She needs to be intimidating and she needs to be aggressive.


Yes, Spiderman

and I’ll explain exactly why. Spiderman is a scientist. He’s clever enough to have learned about which and what steroids would be beneficial to him have little to no side effects, and he’d also be educated enough to realize that (gasps) not all steroids are bad for you!

I believe he would have started steroids originally when he went through the black Spiderman phase, I.e., when venom got on him.

Dealing with the symbiote would not be easy and its quest for power and strength would lead him onto a darker alley way. I believe having him use steroids he’d considered using, but hadn’t at a such an early phase of his career.

Anabolic steroids such as Testosterone, Deca, Anadrol, Human Growth hormone and tren would all be used during this phase, cheque drops are even a possibility to inflict more anger and aggression on his opponents. The doses? Extremely high.

Once he defeated the venom saga, I believe he’d of hit off for a long time. Maybe even a few years before trusting himself with some more steroids that would benefit him, such as testosterone, deca, anavar, ghrp-2, cjc without dac, and in his older years HGH. Turanabol would also be used sparingly.

Spiderman would also be one not to neglect his workouts. While he already has super strength, he would be creative on how trained and still push himself to the limits. He knows first-hand what happens if he isn’t strong enough to do the impossible. No one cares for the life of others as much as Spiderman does, and I’m sure Mary Jane loves the sex.

Oh and don’t forget Black Cat. Having typed this, I really regret not having her in this article. How did I forget about black cat? There’s always future articles!

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