Celebrities On Steroids: Lance Armstrong

The story that has shook the world. I’m sure you’ve wondered why it’s taken me so long to respond to do an article about Lance Armstrong steroids.

Well, this is quite easy. Because I think the story is getting far too much publicity and shows the unintelligence of the general public. You know how old I was when I realized that guys like him were on steroids? 16 years old. I was competing in Olympic lifting, I went to a national championship and after winning was asked if I’d like to represent my country in the Olympics.

“Of course I would”, I almost screamed out. They informed me of the need to take steroids, it wasn’t kept hidden, and they didn’t try to tell me it in secret. I was told straight to my face “Everyone in the Olympics is on them, it’s easy to keep them covered up” (and yes, it is) I’ve passed steroid tests by the same committee that independently tests for the Olympics. I was on tren, Testosterone, deca, dianabol, HGH, and IGF-1 and I passed.

Just to give you a bit of advice there!

Anyway, continuing on with this story further. Almost every top athlete is on anabolic steroids in most sports. I see the casual guy rolling his eyes now, but who do you need to come out and tell everyone? Top American football coaches, yep, it’s already happened. In fact, over 12 coaches have now come out and claimed that the NFL is full of steroids.

Some state up to 97% of the pros are on steroids. But that’s not good enough for you? How about baseball? A sport plagued with steroid use that we all know about. What about running? You don’t believe Usain Bolt is on steroids? A guy who is not only breaking record after record, but his own team mates have made “suspicious” claims about? See my point.

Steroids are part of life in sports now and so they should be. You want to see guys lift 1000s of pounds? You want to see guys running faster than anyone you’ve ever seen, jumping higher, you the public demand more and more out of these athletes, wanting almost super human feats, we expect the best every year, better than the last and this is what we get.

The only people to blame for Lance Armstrong taking steroids is the public. Fact. Do I care that Lance Armstrong took steroids? No.

He is still the GREATEST cyclist in the world by far and I applaud him for this. Lance Armstrong has ended years of denials by admitting he used performance-enhancing drugs during all seven of his Tour de France wins. It makes me laugh that the sponsors of his are demanding their money back and wanting to take him to court.

I have trained a number of athletes who have BIG Sponsors, I’m going into the multi-million dollar companies, and even billionaire companies, and they were told “Take steroids but don’t get caught.” Now I don’t know if they did or didn’t know about his involvement with anabolic steroids, But I’m certainly sure his sponsors didn’t care in the slightest. They have still had MAXIMUM exposure, in fact more now than they ever had when he was winning, Everyone even guys who hate cyclists are talking about Lance Armstrong and steroids now.

I personally feel Lance Armstrong is being victimized, as most steroid users are.

After Lance Armstrong admitted to taking steroids to help him win the Tour de France bicycle race seven times, many other athletes are thinking about how that decision affects them.

Some local residents say Armstrong raised $10 million for charity, so it was good that he won those races. But they also point out that Armstrong broke the rules by taking steroids, and that’s why he was stripped of the medals he had won.

A guy who raised 10 million for charity, Generated more publicity for cycling than anyone else in the world is being treated this way?.It’s ridiculous. Quite frankly, it’s stupid.

Another thing that really amused me with this Lance Armstrong steroids scandal is yesterday, a former sports man was on TV, he was claiming that Lance Armstrong should be ashamed of himself. He knows 1000s of athletes who have “used steroids” just to finish the race. “I can respect those,” he said. “Using steroids to participate isn’t that bad. But using them to win is a whole different story.”

What!?!? I’m sorry, but this is the attitude of a loser. You are willing to take anabolic steroids to participate but not win? How is that even logical? Let’s put him in a ring with a Boxer, or MMA fighter who is on steroids, and give him enough to participate and find out what happens.

Let’s look at the facts

Lance Armstrong is the best cyclist in the world, fact. He’s better than the others who took steroids. He worked HARD, no one worked as hard as him. Yes, he used steroids, and he did it to make a lot of money. But he also raised a lot of money for charity. He changed the lives of millions of people, He made individuals healthier and got more involved in cycling. Overall I salute Lance Armstrong and I apologize to him on behalf of the public that is now prosecuting him.

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