Female Fat Loss Results

Below are some stories shared by females around the world who have struggled with obesity. These are inspiring stories that prove without a shadow of a doubt that anyone in any circumstance can lose weight and create a much sexier physique. There is NO reason to doubt yourself, only you can stop yourself from getting the body of your dreams!

We have provided plenty of free articles on this website that will help you get the body of your dreams through hard work and dedication.

These young ladies decided enough was enough and it was time for a change and changed themselves into some of the sexiest looking women around here goes!

Story #1

The story I received in the email with this was quite disturbing in the sense her ex-boyfriend said he would not sleep with her anymore, despite being obese himself and that her breasts were too “Jiggly” and felt like bags of butter rather than a real woman’s breasts. Fast forward a few years and now we have a girl who radiates confidence, is extremely sexy and carries a very seductive look. I’m sure her ex-boyfriend would be killing himself to get a feel of those “bags of butter” now, mhm? Another girl who has turned a bad situation into a positive 10 out of 10 for her transformation.

Story #2

The girl I’m about to describe to you here had a similar story. She had been with a few guys and after going on vacation she met a guy who spent some time with her and eventually took her virginity. Afterwards, he did the typical refusing to answer the phone or get in touch with her when she asked him why he explained how he was 19 and a virgin. He was depressed and needed to “lose” his virginity quickly so he took advantage of her he thought she’d be the only one desperate enough to put out.

She actually said in her email she was about to consider suicide but instead she decided to make a dramatic change. Now what we have is a little sex kitten who is extremely good looking and could pull almost any guy she wants! Oh and she claims to have laid his best friend now for revenge, not too bad!

Story #3

Girl number 3, while not having as dramatic a story, claims that she was always a big eater and had fun made out of her often. When going out with her friends they’d make jokes about feeling comfortable being next to her because she was so much fatter than them that they looked “good” even if they had a bit of fat. This drove her to joining the gym training hard and fixing her eating routine and voilà we have the beautiful girl.

Story #4

The next girl is one who was honest, she hated her sex life she found herself only getting hit on by guys she didn’t find appealing and wanted to dramatically improve it, she actually got a boyfriend while being over weight and is still with the guy.

The problem was she didn’t feel she could satisfy him in the bedroom and she didn’t feel good about herself. She looks fantastic now and I’m sure she’d like to know that every guy on here would give her a good slap on the ass.

Story #5

The next girl is again one who wanted to improve her sex life. She told me she’d found it boring and dull and she wanted to feel “alive again”. She wanted to get attention from men and also feel healthy. She’s actually STILL doing her routine and is not finished as of yet, she has done some extremely impressive results and I give her all the credit in the world.

Not bad and again I don’t think I’m lying when I said that any guy here who is single would NOT turn her down.

Story #6

The next girl is one who just said she wanted to look better, it wasn’t to improve her sex life – she said she didn’t have one, she just wanted some attention and to be confident enough to be able to go out and meet a guy and actually be happy. I am extremely impressed with her results and I think everyone else will be too.

Extremely impressive girl and keep this up! You have done absolutely fantastic!

Story #7

The girl in the next story coming out had a great result. She always thought she looked fine but carried a bit too much fat around the waist. She’d never had problems getting with guys, she was confident and had no real issues. She met a friend however who is now a competing figure model and she just fell in love with the sport.

All her friends and family told her she loved to “drink” and eat chocolate too much to do it. Fast forward and she looks incredibly sexy and has great abs. Well done girl!

Story #8

The girl in this story also shares a very similar experience. She was overweight and obese quite a bit more than the first girl. She was fed up of being told she was cute in the face, but looked “chubby.” She remembers being called chubby and cute and it did her head in after meeting a friend who was a ravide martial arts fan.

She decided to begin martial arts and start the gym, she had great results and told me she was determined to LOOK better than the norm. She didn’t want to be the “sexy girl” she wanted to be the sexiest girl and through hard work and dedication she has managed to do just that!

Thanks for reading this article and I hope you enjoyed it on female fat loss results, I believe there’s a lot to be proud of here!

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