Melanotan 2: The Self Tanning Drug

Melanotan 2 is a synthetic chemical developed by the University of Arizona as an artificial inducer of melanin, the color pigment in the skin. The drug was developed to help in the prevention of skin cancer which was primarily caused by a deficiency in melanin.

Basically, Melanotan works by stimulating the hormone that induces the creation of melanin by melanocytes, which are situated in the epidermis, just under the skin. This was the same as the naturally occurring process that required for the skin to be exposed to otherwise harmful ultra violet rays by tanning. It therefore meant that the skin could be tanned without the sun.

Yes. It doesn’t matter if you live in Alaska with no access to any sunbeds or natural sun light you will get TANNED. Another positive is it’s MUCH safer than sun beds, a big + to many!.

Unfortunately, however, Melanotan has not been cleared for production, so the black market became flooded with this drug. It found its way to the street as a form of people getting that perfect skin tan without scorching themselves in the sun. It is reportedly the most used drug in Australia at this moment in time. In fact, some claimed it was used more than WEED. While I’m not saying that’s true, it shows a lot for how popular Melanotan is becoming.

Where do I get it and how can I use it?

Melanotan 2 is readily available on the internet because it is NOT rated as an illegal drug. It is not a crime to be in possession of the drug or even export it. It was patented by the Australian firm, Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals, which is continuing with research on the effects of the drug.

Despite what many so called “doctors” and governments say, NO harmful side effects have been found with USEAGE of this drug.

Most of the drug, however, is produced in China and other Eastern countries. It is not illegal to possess the drug in countries but there are no trade licenses for the suppliers. It is bought by individuals trying to get that elusive tan. It is usually powdered but it is taken as a liquid, sold in small 10 ml or 20 ml vials which are then mixed with bacteriostatic water. The drug is kept under refrigeration conditions to maintain its structure. It melts quite quickly, usually a minute or so when held in the open hand.

It is injected under the skin, at first once a day but as time progresses, the length of time increases till it’s only once a week. The dosages vary between 0.5 mg to 1mg per dosage in 1 ml of the solution.

What Effects and or side effects can I expect?

Melanotan 2 is essentially developed to tan the skin. It however leads to the darkening and enlarging of the skin moles. Many patients complained of feeling nauseated after taking the injection and flushing of the face. There are also cases of lethargy, lightheadedness and headaches.

Melanotan 2 has also been noted to increase sexual arousal, showing signs of improvement when it was tested on men with dysfunctional erectile problems. It is being researched further as a potent drug under the flagship name of bremelanotide. It causes an exhaustive feeling followed by spontaneous yawning and stretching. It also causes a loss of appetite and hyper pigmentation, though the cases have been few and far apart.

The use of melanotan 2 is discouraged for pregnant or breast-feeding mothers as the effects on unborn babies is unknown so it’s better to be on the safe side.

The side effects of this drug are not yet fully understood and therefore the list is not complete. Most of the side effects subside with each consecutive administration, though the spontaneous erections don’t seem to subside in severity. Melanotan 2 effects have been said to be more effective in men than in women and there were darker patches in the abdominal area, face, and arms.

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