Which Batman Characters Took Steroids?

Due to the Batman hysteria as of late, I decided to do this article, and who can blame me? We all love Batman. I’m a huge fan and writing this article was as fun for me to write as I hope it is for you to read!

We’re all wise enough to know that all of the characters are “fictional.” (Or so I hope.) But I thought I’d have a little fun and discuss who in the “Batverse” are the most likely to use or have used steroids.


Well, duh! Obviously, this would be my first choice. Whether it be the comic adaptation, the cartoons, the TERRIBLE Batman and Robin film, or The Dark Knight Rises; one thing we can all agree on is that bane would take steroids.

In the comics, the steroids Bane supposedly takes is called “Venom.” He does so by having tubes run into his body that are connected to some kind of device, usually, one he has to turn clockwise which releases the “drugs” into him giving him an instant larger-than-life appearance.

Despite how ridiculously big Bane is or how “unrealistically” big he may look, there are actually real-life bodybuilders who have attained Bane’s size, not the strength, mind you, but certainly his size.

What would you need to do to look as big as Bane? Well, you’d need a few things:

  1. You’d need to dedicate your life to training. I mean it, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler don’t do anything BUT train. Their lives revolve around lifting weights. They are paid to train and appear in magazines.
  2. You need the dedication to push yourself beyond all limits every day of the week for the rest of your life.
  3. You need the best steroids and peptides in the world. You also need doctor’s guidance to make sure you don’t very well overdose.

What steroids would Bane use in real life?

He’d be using Testosterone. I’d even go as far as to say he’d be taking up to 2 grams a week! Yes, a lot of Test, but that’s what it would require. Add this in with about 1500MG of Deca, 60MG daily of Dianabol, high dosing of Tren, 8IU daily of Human growth hormone, and of course some IGF-1 and you have an idea of what Bane would be on to be as large as he is.

So the question is asked, “Could Bane exist in real life?” Yes. He could. Is he likely to? Probably not. I can’t see many terrorists having all of those resources available to them. But yes, he certainly could exist.


Argh. I feel the ear-bashing coming right now from Batman fans, but hear me out. Nightwing, while possessing incredible strength and gymnastic ability, would need to be as strong as possible and at the leanest body mass as possible. Obviously, the steroids Nightwing would be taking would be nothing on Bane’s level. Anavar would be Nightwing’s drug of choice with possibly some T-bols and Testosterone. Is it possible to be Nightwing? Have you watched the Olympics? Sure, it is!

Nightwing focuses mainly on very impressive gymnastic techniques to aid him with his already impressive Martial Art skills. His upper body strength would come naturally from all the gymnastic training he has been doing since he was a child, add that with the martial arts training Batman has given him and you have a full-fledged MMA fighter (possibly one of the first MMA fighters in comics?). Either way, could he exist? Of course, he could!

Barbara Gordon Batgirl

Yes a girl, and yes, women do commonly use steroids, and you know what’s even more common? For a girl to use steroids and increase her sexuality. Oh, you don’t believe me? Well, that girl who you wank over in the magazines is probably on Anavar and Clen. In fact, scratch “probably”, it’s a fact. She WILL be. Those great, muscular thighs? She’ll use Deca.

What would batgirl use? For the sake of this article, we’ll use the “Barbara Gordon” Batgirl who was also incredibly athletic. She would use things such as Anavar and Clen for the energy increase more than the “fat loss” effects. Add this in with some Deca to increase strength and keep those joints strong and you have a very realistic Cycle for what she would use.

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