Fastest Ways to Build Chest Muscle

So you want to know the fastest ways to build chest muscle, right? Then let’s not do a big fancy intro, let’s just dive straight into the article!

First off I’m assuming you are benching yes? And by benching I mean benching with a flat barbell on a flat bench, no fancy equipment, not trying to lift more than you can, and having your friends lift it up off you I mean benching with correct form to hit as many muscle fibers as possible.

Why should you be benching you say to me?

Well, it works the chest, the triceps, the biceps, the shoulders, the stomach, and the back muscles to some degree. Need I go on and explain why this is such a good exercise? It is another exercise that gives one of the biggest and strongest hormonal releases possible.

By doing say 5×5 on the bench press. With a weight of 85 to 90 of your maximum, you will not only activate and recruit all of the type 2 fast twitch muscle fibers (the ones that make you huge) you will also cause your body to release a flood of natural hormones such as growth hormone and testosterone which leads too…? Exactly MUSCLE mass!

Now go bench!

The fastest way to build chest muscle the next exercise on the list is of course the fantastic weighted dip. Nothing will allow you to lift more weights, add more size to your shoulders, triceps, and of course, chest than the weighted dip can. I am a huge fan of the weighted dip for building muscle.

It is a fantastic exercise and it is one of the best calories burned per rep exercises out there! A truly fantastic exercise that if you work on it, you can lift some really big weights on and build a hell of a lot of muscle. Be sure to do weighted tips if you want the fastest way to build chest muscle alright?

Next on the list of fastest ways to build chest muscle

Is The dumbbell incline bench press yep, forget the traditional barbell bench press simply change to the dumbbell bench press and do it on the incline you will be shocked at the new growth that you see and of course the new strength gains a fantastic exercise to build muscle mass and look great!.

The next exercise on the list if you want to finish off your training session with this is fine. While isolation exercises are no way near as powerful as compounds, they can still have a place

At the end of the session, if you have access to it:

Remember this is a bonus, not essential, but if you do 2 sets of 25 reps of cable crossovers it is great for pumping in some blood in an already tired muscle group and just improving muscle mass and strength size!

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