Equipoise Doses

You need to take the correct dose of any steroid in order to reap its benefits. You need to be careful not to have side effects from any steroid. The right dose can be dangerous and too little can lead to side effects. It is important to find the right balance. Equipoise doses can be confusing. While Equipoise doses may seem simple to plan, they are difficult to comprehend. It is not an anabolic steroids that can promote mass accumulations. With the correct Equipoise dosages, we can greatly benefit a cutting process in terms of preservation of lean tissue. It is also an excellent steroid for athletes who want to enhance their performance. Even during growth, it can be useful if the individual just wants to moderately increase his overall size or cycle for an all-around transformation. To help you achieve your goals effectively and safely, we will be discussing the best Equipoise doses.

Base Equipoise Doses:

The Equipoise doses must be at least 200mg each week to achieve any anabolic effects. While this may provide some catabolic protection for men, 300mg per weekly is a much better dose. Men will tolerate 400mg per săptămână as an excellent dose. Most men will notice a change in their physique if they take Equipoise doses within the mg range per week. Any side effects should be manageable and avoidable. Although these doses are not likely to cause major physical changes, they can have a significant impact on the person’s health. This type of Equipoise is ideal for cutting cycles as well as for improving athletic performance.

*Higher Equipoise Doses

For most men, Equipoise doses within the mg/week range will work well. But some may require or want more. While many men can tolerate up to 600mg per dose, it is not recommended that they exceed this amount. Equipoises like all anabolic steroids will increase red blood cells count. Although Equipoises doses lower than 600mg per weeks do not seem to raise this count, they are not as effective or dangerous as other anabolic steroids. Doses above 600mg per weeks could lead to polycythemia. While Equipoise can be taken by many men at doses of 600mg or more per week, the risk of developing polycythemia is real. Some will reduce the risk by giving blood and thereby reducing red cell volume.

Equipoise Doses-Duration of Use:

No matter how much Equipoise you take, this is not an injectable steroid that is suitable for short-term use. This compound has a slow action and needs to be used for a long time. While eight weeks is the minimum amount of time you can use it, most people find that the twelve week period to be more beneficial. Twelve weeks is the ideal dose for most purposes. You can make an exception with some cutting plans to reduce the duration to eight weeks. For men who do long cutting cycles like 16 weeks for contest prep, eight weeks may be ideal. Equipoise, which is commonly used in combination with testosterone, is used in the first eight weeks of a long-cut cycle to prevent catabolic states. Once the eight-week mark has passed, Equipoise is dropped and an individual can introduce stronger hardening drugs like Trenbolone (Winstrol), Masteron and Anavar.

Maximizing Your Equipoise Doses:

Once you have determined the best Equipoise doses for your needs it is time to optimize the results using the correct compounds. Men are strongly advised to use exogenous testosterone. Conjoined testosterone will create a strong anabolic environment which is suited for building solid lean tissues. To counter the natural testosterone suppression that Equipoise causes, it is recommended to use a minimal amount of testosterone in growth applications. This stack is also great for cutting cycles, as we have already discussed. Nandrolone may be added to the mix in more advanced off-season cycle. Nandrolone can be used with EQ, as it is commonly believed due to receptor competition. But this is a myth without any validity. Many will also include strong mass promoting agents like Anadrol, Dianabol or Magnesium at the front of the plan.

Trenbolone (Winstrol), Masteron (and Anavar) are all good choices in a cutting cycle. Primobolan depot and Winstrol can be useful, but most people will be happier with Trenbolone if they are well tolerated. This is also where thermogenics like Clenbuterol can be added.

No matter the Equipoise dose or phase, men will need an antiestrogen to fight this steroids aromatase activity. Although EQ does not aromatize much, it does have enough estrogenic activity for similar effects. HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is an excellent addition to any treatment plan. It is one the most well-tolerated hormones. But, it’s extremely costly, long-term (extremely lengthy-term), and not recommended for daily use.

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