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Dianabol Online Shopping Guide 2022

Although there are many ways to buy Dianabol pills online, the majority of them are just plain bad.

Either you need a diagnosis of anorexia/HIV/cancer so that you can purchase prescribed Dianabol from your pharmacy. You don’t probably want cancer, so… okay.

This leaves us with the option to purchase Dianabol online.

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It is simple.

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How is that possible? It’s genius.

An ingenious loophole has allowed it to remain in business as an online steroid retailer. Because of their chemically altered patented formulas, all performance enhancing supplements are legal.

The guarantee covers your purchases for 60 days. But it is not mandatory if the pills do not arrive.

You can make secure credit card payments, get free shipping to the USA (USA, Canada, UK, UK, and Europe), and they offer fast and free shipping. The delivery of your Dianabol pills should take 3-7 business days if you order within the US. However, if you live outside the US, it will take longer.

Dianabol: What are the Benefits?

Let me now show you why Dianabol has been voted the best oral steroids on the market.

Dianabol, a powerful anabolic steroids for muscle building and quick recovery, is the first.

It should be mixed with Testosterone. The results of using it with Testosterone will be far better. Here’s a sample of some cycles.

It should be consumed at 40mg for 8 weeks. A weekly increase in strength will occur. On a weekly base, you should aim to be stronger in all major lifts (e.g. bench press, deadlifts, deadlifts, pullups etc.

While you can increase calories when necessary, Dianabol can also cause you to bloat. This is completely possible. Why? Because once you are done with the dianabol, all your bloat is gone in just seconds. All of the bloat will be gone and all that muscle will look much better.

Many people are curious to learn what you should do for PCT on an dianabol-only cycle. It won’t make you feel worse, some will claim, but truthfully, it wont. You can just keep some armidex in your pocket to prevent any estrogenic side effects.

What Is Dianabol and How Can You Use It? An Introduction to Dianabol

Dianabol is also known as dbol or dbol. It’s the most well-known oral steroid and it’s a good reason! There is no oral steroid which has as strong anabolic properties as dianabol on MG bases.

Dianabol can have a strong effect on muscle building and should be used together with other anabolics, such as testosterone. Dianabol is an excellent way to rapidly increase muscle mass. I recommend it for 6-8 weeks.

If you add it to your cycle, you can expect to gain about 4-5lbs in your first week, 3-4lbs in the second week, then 4-8lbs in the third week. My gains are consistent at 4lbs every other week. When I stop using Dianabol the testosterone, deca, as well as any other drugs I was taking, kicks in, and the gains stay solid for a very good while.

Dianabol provides a great kick-start. In fact, I was able to see amazing gains even with 40mg daily. I don’t see why you should increase if you can gain 4lbs in a week using 40mg.

Once the gains slow down to about 1lb/week or 0.5lb, you can lift those weights. However, bodybuilding is something we intend to continue for as long time as possible. We want our strength, size and endurance to be the best.

Overall, I rate dianabol a ten.

Dianabol has both its advantages and disadvantages
Now let’s talk about the downsides and benefits of Dianabol. Dianabol will boost muscle mass and strength and it is great for any cycle.

The toxic effects of Dianabol

My personal experience shows that this is way too overrated. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t abuse it and you use it correctly. But, I highly recommend calling a doctor if you experience any issues. (Duh)

Dianabol’s Downside? Agression. This drug makes you mad, even though it is great for working out. This might not be worth it if your anger is excessive. While you may not normally be quick to anger, it is possible to choke someone.

It is Not for Everyone

I can recall a friend of mine using this drug. He was always a hothead. One day, he was doing squats and a woman walks by him. He was likely to lose it with him as a normal thing.

He finished his set and dropped the weight. I was waiting for him, and to yell at us. He grabs the 10KG plate, and raises his hand. Surprise! I grabbed his hand and asked him “What’s the matter man?” He was eager to get into a fight with me.

Even twenty minutes later, after the session was finished, we were still seated in the showers changing. Unaware of how close he was, the same guy walks in. He was grabbed and thrown against wall. I had to stop my friend.

The moral of the tale is that Dianabol does not agree with certain people. I have several theories as to why this is. But that’s another story.

Here is some information about my friend. He would be called a softie by anyone. He was actually described as a gentle giant. This was a guy that I knew from bars. He would always laugh it off. That day, he was ready and willing to murder someone.

On the opposite side of the spectrum was my athlete who, to put it bluntly was a complete and total dick at other times, used Dianabol during his cycle. He laughed, joked around and seemed so much happier that it was unbelievable. This is how we see two spectrums.

Personally, I would advise that you tell your girlfriend, or training partner, if you’re worried, that you’re on steroids. Do you notice any changes to my attitude toward you, or in general?

Alternately, if you don’t feel comfortable telling someone that steroids are being used, I would tell them that the doctor prescribed steroids.

I believe it’s a small proportion of people who are angry, but it’s something worth paying attention to.

Dianabol: What Can You Do?

Dianabol can also used in “cutting cycles”, although I don’t recommend this because of its ability to bloat while you’re on it and hold on to water. This is great for making your body look bigger but not for getting washboard abs or veins popping everywhere.

Dianabol is great for cutting. But there are far better steroids. So, why would we use dianabol when T-bol or anavar is better for cutting? Exactly!

The mountain is a great place to bulk up or build strength. It is highly recommended. There are many dianabol cycle options that can be used. They all work well.

Some people prefer Dianabol to be taken orally only. I don’t agree with this but I’ve seen bodybuilders and novices add 10-15lbs over eight to ten week periods. Contrary to what many will say, Dianabol has its place. It is safe and effective and can be useful for those who are afraid or just want to add some mass.

Good Dianabol Cycle for Beginners

For those of you who don’t fear injecting or want to increase muscle mass, the following cycle is a good one!

* Testosterone (Cyp endth, you decide) Ran at 500mg per 5 days, this was maintained for 12 weeks
* Dianabol was administered at 40mg every day for 6 weeks

The rapid effects of the dianabol in your system will make it very easy to gain muscle mass and strength. Once the Test kicks into effect, you will continue to get stronger while also losing fat.

This is where the best part lies. It will help you keep your muscle gains. This isn’t bad, right?

Advanced Dianabol Cycle

You can also use the following dianabol/testosterone/deca cycle if you’re a bit more advanced. This will allow you to build muscle mass very quickly, as well as give you the greatest strength and muscle gains. This cycle can help you gain weight.

Dianabol will continue to be administered at 40mg daily. Testosterone should be at 700mg once every 5 working days. Deca will be added.


* Dianabol 6 Weeks
* Testosterone for 18 weeks
* Deca for 16 Wochen

This is a longer, more powerful cycle which will enable you to gain massive muscle mass at an incredible rate.

I cannot recommend this cycle enough. It was loved during 1980’s times by men such as Hulk Hogan. Arnold also called Dianabol the breakfast for champions. This cycle is a personal favourite of mine.

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