What Are the Top-Rated Brands of Dianabol Pills?

Without question Dianabol pills are the most popular oral steroid ever developed so the reviews which are so widely viewed online are very important. On any message board or forum, you will see this potent anabolic steroid being talked about. Those involved in these discussions are talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding all different brands. Every day generates new comments and they keep coming.

In seeking the truth among all these reviews on Dianabol pills, you will come across comments or reviews by people who have written an article on a certain brand or type of steroid. Often these people portray themselves as experts on the topic. This is where we can expect problems because a lot of these Dianabol reviews are in fact about as useful as a smartphone with a dead battery. What reviewers often do is spin the truth to fit themselves. This article will convey the facts and the truth based on science and decades of use.

Dianabol Pills

In order to judge accurately for yourself the first review you read on Dianabol, you need to learn the truth, the real undistorted facts. This is the only way you will be able to come to an accurate opinion for yourself.

This article isn’t going to discuss any particular brand or distributor, but just the honest truth based on the facts and the scientific principles so that you have a good understanding. Although we won’t be talking about specific brands, after reading all the reviews on Dianabol pills you will certainly find that this review carried the most value.

Any review you read must first and foremost be about the authentic Dianabol steroid. They should plainly state what it is, what effect it has, how it works, and what benefits it may offer. Dianabol is not complicated as far as steroids go. The truth is that it’s pretty simple.

Dianabol Steroid Profile

The chemical name for Dianabol is Methandrostenolone and of all the brands for this hormone, Dianabol is the most popular. Dr. John Ziegler, who was the team physician for the U.S. Olympic Team developed Dianabol in order to help the U.S. team compete better against the U.S.S.R.’s Olympic Team who were using testosterone injections.

Dianabol is taken orally and has a half-life of about 5 to 6 hours, which all depends on how the user’s system metabolizes it. Dianabol’s androgenic rating falls in the moderate range but its anabolic rating is very potent. Dianabol is classified as a C17-aa anabolic steroid so it’s certainly going to have some toxic effects on the liver. It will cause the liver enzymes to rise, but in actuality, Dianabol does not have as much of a toxic effect as many other medications that do not contain steroids.

Due to its basic nature, the hormone Methandrostenolone has a significant effect on increasing the synthesis of protein in the body and glycogenolysis. There are specific fundamental principles concerning Dianabol, so we want to discuss those and what this hormone is capable of doing for those taking it. We will also talk about potential negative side effects and reactions.

The Benefits that Dianabol Provides

What’s very weird is that over all these years there continue to be reviews written by so-called experts in the medical community that claim there is no demonstrable evidence that this chemical hormone offers any positive effect on building muscle mass and/or athletic ability. When you consider the facts stated in the final bullet point above it’s obvious that this is absolutely untrue. But this is stated as the truth on a very regular basis because of one thing.

If a lot of people state that it doesn’t get results, other people will buy-in. There have been 50 to 60 years of excellent results which proves a lie. We can say with complete confidence that any review of Dianabol that claims otherwise, no matter how eloquently it may be written, is nothing but rubbish. The actual benefits of Dianabol pills are:

  • Increased Gains in Muscle Mass – If the individual supplementing with Dbol is also consuming an increased amount of calories that they can put on up to 20 pounds in just a few weeks just by using moderate amounts of the steroid. There’s no doubt that a portion of this is due to water retention, but it will mostly be lean muscle mass.
  • Substantial Increase in Strength – People who use Dbol will experience a very rapid and significant increase in strength.
  • Increased Metabolism – By using Dbol pills, athletes can gain more lean muscle tissue without gaining the same in fatty tissue. In order to build lean muscle tissue, more calories must be taken in than are burned. This usually ends up gaining fat. But if you’re taking Dianabol, you are able to use your calories more wisely and avoid gaining fat.
  • Faster Recovery Time – When people supplement with Dbol, they are able to more rapidly heal and recover from workouts. This leads to improved performance as an athlete.
  • Preserves Lean Muscle Tissue – When an athlete or bodybuilder trains very hard, this can destroy their muscle tissue. By using Dianabol this doesn’t happen, it’s protected under all this stress.

Side Effects & Adverse Reactions

With any steroid, there is always a chance for negative side effects. But this is true with any type of over-the-counter medication. There are bound to be potential side effects. If you read the information on commonly used pain medications like Ibuprofen or Aspirin, you will see a whole list of negative reactions that could occur which might be very injurious.

This doesn’t mean that these medications are bad, absolutely not. What this means is that consumers must use all medications and supplements responsibly. It’s also true that certain individuals have particular genetic predispositions and won’t be able to tolerate these kinds of medications.

This also holds true concerning the use of oral Dianabol capsules. However, if you read a review that says that you are guaranteed to suffer certain side effects they are outright lying. The truth is that if you supplement responsibly, any negative reactions linked to Dbol can be controlled and/or avoided. Potential negative side-effects:

• Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement)
• Higher Blood Pressure
• Higher LDL Cholesterol Levels
• Lower HDL Cholesterol Levels
• Liver Toxicity
• Suppressed Natural Production of Testosterone
• Testicular Atrophy
• Water Retention and bloat

In order to avoid these side effects, one must use Dianabol in moderate doses, for a short to moderate length of time. Aside from watching your dosing and duration, you need to prevent estrogen from building up in the body. This would be the result of the aromatizing factor if you do not use an aromatase inhibitor (AI). Just as the name implies, the AI will prevent estrogen from building up by inhibiting the aromatase process from taking place. All in all, an AI will reduce the full amount of estrogen in the system.

Another thing that we must do to avoid side effects is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make sure we’re healthy prior to using Dianabol pills. Since high blood pressure is a risk factor, along with cholesterol issues and liver toxicity we need to see our physician for a full blood workup before taking steroids.

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