Dianabol Steroids

There is a massive choice of steroids on the market these days so its always great to find out which are the most popular among body-builders. These days the most favoured ones are anadrol, winstrol, deca durabolin (this is more than likely the most popular one). Then there is of course, anavar and dianabol.

Hopefully this article will help to answer any questions anyone has about dianabol steroids. We always like to encourage people who are thinking about taking steroids to do research themselves. This is so they are well informed when it comes to deciding which one to take as well as keeping up to date with any news there is on and about steroids.

About Dianabol Steroids

Dianabol was the second anabolic steroid ever to be manufactured and is basically testosterone with minor differences. These are as follows, an addition of 1-2 double carbon bond as well as 17a-methyl group. The alterations work like this, the added 17a methyl groups allows the supplement to pass through the liver without being destroyed and the 1 -2 double bond ensures that the rate of conversion to estrogen (aromatization) is slowed right down. The point to remember is that although the conversion is lower than with testosterone, is that this estrogen is more potent.

Dianabol steroids are often just known as Dbol for short, and usually only used in bulking cycles but only for the first 4 – 6 weeks of the regime. The most commonly used dose is between 20mg a day for a novice and then double to even triple this dose for someone who is a habitual user of Dianabol.

Forms of Dianabol Steroids

The most common form of Dianabol steroids come in pill form although it can also be purchased in injection form. It is suspended in water or oil, it can be in pill form or capsule and a paper anabolic, just like Winstrol as they are exactly the same. Whatever form it comes in, it is still a 17aa steroid. This serves two purposes, the first being it has been changed at the 17th carbon level which prevents it from being inactivated by the liver.

The second is liver enzymes will be increased because of this resistance which is a good thing. It basically means the active chemical will get into the blood stream but this will put pressure on the liver. It is thought the optimum dose should be 50mg per day. The main side-effect will be that anyone taking it will gain weight quickly. This is considered to be watery weight and not ‘clean’ gains, but the end result is that a person will be stronger. There have been instances when high doses of Dianabol have shown no intolerable side-effects on users.

Dianabol is very often compared to Anadrol 50 and is some ways this is quite true although Anadrol is not derived from testosterone but Dihydrotestosterone. The two steroids do have a few similarities when seen from an effects and side-effects angle. They both help with rapid build-up of strength and weight in equal doses. Both steroid produce that bloated look and both will put stress on the liver to a degree as well as increasing blood pressure. They both bind mildly to the Androgen receptor which makes us believe that many of their effects are considered to be non-receptor mediated which means they can be attributed to some other mechanisms. Dbol is considered to have only slight aromatase activity but it must be stressed that it metabolizes to an extremely potent estrogen.

Using Dianabol stack cycle with other Steroids

This particular steroid is very popular when used for jump starting a bulking cycle as it gives positive and immediate results right from the start. It is often stacked with longer acting injectionables and these are usually Testosterone Cypionate or Enanthate, and Deca-Durabolin. The reason for this is that the Dbol will give a rapid build up of weight and strength and the others will compound this which produces the end goal. The most usual way of doing this regime is to do this for the first 2 – 6 weeks of a cycle and the most typical time span is 4 weeks.

Dianabol has proved to be very effective. For a first cycle, a dose of 25-40mg a day even when training heavy and eating masses, has been seen to help gain 28lbs of weight in just six weeks. Although this was ‘watery weight’ and a person would not achieve a significant athletic performance it is possible to diet off much of the water, but the end result was a 10 -15 lbs weight gain. This does not mean that Dbol produces permanent gains but it does help to hold on to a good amount of the overall weight that’s been achieved.

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