Oral Dianabol Pills Benefits Over Injections

Oral vs. Injectable

Dianabol is available in pill form, but there is an injectable version of methandrostenolone. However, in many ways, oral Dianabol is better than the injectable version.

Why is oral Dianabol better? Here are some reasons:

  1. It is much easier to manufacture methandrostenolone in pill form, which is why Dianabol is easily available even in the black market. Its manufacture is illegal in many Western countries, but factories in developing countries can produce it easily enough.

In contrast, injectable methandrostenolone is truly more complicated to produce. That means a much lesser volume is manufactured, and that makes it difficult to find on the black market. Even when found, their rarity means that the price is at a premium.

  1. Oral Dianabol is also very easy to consume. You take a pill and swallow it. There’s no fuss. You can’t say the same about injectable methandrostenolone. You need a clean syringe and needle every time, and that adds to the inconvenience and the expense. Many people also hate the thought of needles. The pain can be excruciating, and it has been described as being similar to putting out a cigarette on the skin. You can also develop scars.

There is also the inherent danger of injecting substances in the body. An air bubble can have disastrous consequences.

  1. The main reason why a few people use oral methandrostenolone is that with this method the risk of liver damage can be reduced. But it does nothing for all the other side effects caused by oral methandrostenolone.

In other words, in both methods you still have to worry about growing man-boobs, excessive hair growth all over the body accelerated balding, severe acne, increased high blood pressure, messed up cholesterol levels, and roid rage. Both methods are also banned by sporting bodies and considered illegal by many governments, including the US.

Alternatives to both Oral and Injectable Methandrostenolone

Whether or not you believe that the benefits of Dianabol are much better than the benefits of the injectable methandrostenolone, one thing is clear: both methods come with some dangers.

But because of recent advances in the field of medical muscle development, the discussion regarding this topic is now moot. That’s because of the introduction of natural boosters for muscle growth and testosterone production.

Such health supplements come in oral form, so they do not have the inherent drawbacks associated with injection use. Yet while they are often able to provide the exact same benefits of Dianabol (rapid gains in muscle, strength, and stamina), they also astonishingly offer none of the expected side effects. Most of them are completely safe. You don’t even need a prescription.

What’s more, unlike oral or injectable methandrostenolone, they are also perfectly legal to use. You don’t have to worry about being arrested and jailed, and sporting bodies allow you to use it as well.

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