Does Oral Trenbolone REALLY Compare to Injectable Forms?!?

Among anabolic steroids, oral Trenbolone is one of the most potent – and also in side effects when overused or abused. Oral Trenbolone is a controlled substance (Schedule III) in the United States and around the world that is only approved for veterinary use. That doesn’t stop bodybuilders from using it due to its ability to preserve lean mass while reducing fat due to its metabolic properties.

Use caution with Oral Trenbolone

This powerful anabolic steroid was never designed for humans, nor oral routes of administration. The liver readily destroys natural steroids except when that steroid (as is the case with many newer anabolic steroids) is modified to pass through the liver without destruction. Trenbolone isn’t one of those.

Taking oral Trenbolone (or any other form of the steroid) in large quantity raises steroid levels in the bloodstream, which can contribute to a number of side effects and adverse reactions. Oral Trenbolone is typically taken in the form of pellets of Trenbolone acetate – often daily. Some bodybuilders take as much as 12 pellets a day to achieve desired results. This is not recommended.

Taking high doses of any anabolic steroid has been shown to cause undue stress and potential toxicity to the liver, in addition to liver damage. Taking oral Trenbolone is not recommended because the liver and digestive processes destroy many of its ‘benefits’ before it even reaches the bloodstream – a reason why dosages are often uncharacteristically high – and dangerous.

What to Know About Trenbolone Injections

The use of raw Trenbolone injections has become more prevalent in order to achieve maximum results. This is achieved through the administration of the cattle implant pellet. The raw injectable product is produced locally and then the pellets are ground up and mixed with a vitamin compound or an injectable oil-based steroid. The compound is then loaded into a syringe with an oil-based steroid such as 50mg Deca Durabolin or Equipoise (another veterinary steroid).

While this method of administration can be effective as it delivers a good concentration of Trenbolone into circulation, it’s very dangerous. After all, these are drugs designed for cattle, horses, and other large animals! Always be aware of problems associated with this technique, such as the lack of sterility of this injection solution. The injection contains steroids, pellet binders, and glue. Do you really want to inject that into your veins?

More bodybuilders are turning to injection kits. These kits are available to help users create more sterile injectable from the cattle implant pellets. Again, not recommended. However, such kits reduce the amount of binders and contaminants in the product and can be found for sale as 75mg/ml of Trenbolone acetate. One of the concerns often raised by the users of the raw injection technique is the inability of the pellet to completely dissolve in the injection solution.

Transdermal Trenbolone

The use of Dimethyl sulfoxide in conjunction with Trenbolone is based on its unique ability to act as a powerful transdermal carrier. Be aware that dimethyl sulfoxide is medically recommended in the treatment of bladder issues.

DMSO is basically a solvent that enhances the absorption of product into the. This technique of administering oral Trenbolone may be one of the oldest tricks of bodybuilders despite that it comes with some challenges. Despite the dangers, bodybuilders often resort to this application method due to the considerable amount of anabolic steroids that absorb through the skin and into the bloodstream through the transdermal route.

The solution is prepared by grinding the pellets and adding that to a solution of DMSO. The solution of DMSO, prepared with equal volumes of water. Increasing the proportion of Dimethyl sulfoxide in the solution could increase absorption but is not recommended due to severe skin irritation and skin damage. Common side effects include itching and rashes at the application site. The degree of irritation increases as the concentration of DMSO is increased. Individuals who have very sensitive skin may experience greater discomfort.

Amateurs creating such mixtures may inadvertently rub impurities and unwanted substances across the skin. This is the reason why industrial-grade Dimethyl sulfoxide is not recommended for this purpose. Some users take extra precautions by covering the site of application with a plastic bag to prevent adsorption of unwanted substances but this is not an effective preventive measure.

The use of DMSO also creates an extremely pungent smell, which is a strong indicator that a person is using illegal steroids for non-medical reasons, which risks not only legal ramifications but sporting bans and fines as well.

Some users try to get around this by diluting DMSO to about 5% to 10% of alcohol. Effectiveness results for this trick are mixed. Alcohol also acts as a carrier and reduces irritation as it evaporates shortly after application. Some people prefer this technique to the pain and abscess associated with Trenbolone injections or the low effectiveness of oral Trenbolone.

Oral Trenbolone Cycles

Testosterone is endogenous (body produced) in males and in small amounts in females. As such, many bodybuilders recommend taking some form of testosterone with any oral Trenbolone cycle. The Trenbolone and Testosterone cycle is popular, but again, not recommended. Hormones are extremely powerful and can have an effect on numerous organs and body systems, especially when mixed with synthetic anabolic steroids.

Testosterone is known for its muscle-increasing properties and is used as a base for the majority of cycles. It’s also considered the benchmark for other steroids to be compared against. As mentioned, Trenbolone is a veterinary steroid and was never designed to be used by humans. According to bodybuilding steroid strength rates, Trenbolone has a 500/500 anabolic/androgenic ratio compared to Testosterone’s 100/100 ratio. It’s strong stuff.

Some bodybuilders think that steroids alone will provide the ripped look, but diet is also an essential component to success when it comes to fat loss. Anavar and Trenbolone pills are a popular choice in this regard. A cycle of testosterone and Trenbolone can give a person impressive results in regard to solid muscle mass but you need to watch your diet to ensure you physically and noticeably benefit from the steroid.

Important Note: Trenbolone is a very potent steroid. Beginners should not use it!

Is Oral Trenbolone Right for You?

Trenbolone Acetate (similar to Parabolan, which was pulled from the market in the late 1990s) is one of several steroids that have garnered attention over the years. Oral Trenbolone continues to be popular and is recommended in dosages ranging from 300 mg to 500 mg a week. Always use any form of Trenbolone with extreme caution – and common sense.

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