Salman Khan’s Bodybuilding Secrets

We are here to talk about Salman Khan Bodybuilding. Nothing has hit the world of India and Bollywood as hard and is seen as such an exciting growing talent as this guy, Salman Khan is an actor, a TV presenter, philanthropist, songwriter, and now bodybuilder. An Indian who was born in 1967 has taken all of India by storm by entering the bodybuilding world. What makes this extremely impressive to me is that Salman Khan actually has a GREAT body.

A few months ago some photos of the Indian bodybuilding competitions were let out at the national level and a lot of people laughed it was ridiculous and offensive, unlike the united states, and many other countries, these guys are just GETTING their own routines and are still learning about eating correctly, the importance of eating food to manipulate hormones and getting the best out of anabolic steroids.

Yes, something we all know far gives it a few years and I truly believe India will be kicking some serious ass in the bodybuilding world.

Now moving back onto Salman Khan Bodybuilding

The guy has told everyone he’s a fan of a 5-day split; he likes to train each body part every five days. And he makes sure when he’s cutting he does cardio 6 times per week! He likes to train the chest and back together, the biceps and triceps, his legs and abdominals, and shoulders and calves. Why does he train this way? Well, he obviously believes this is what works best for him.

Now here comes the question of Salman Khan’s bodybuilding: Is he using anabolic steroids?

Um yeah, he is. It’s impossible to get to his size without using them, to make this more correct its DOWN RIGHT impossible to get to his size at his age too! Without using anabolic steroids. This guy is a big-time Steroidjunkie!

But there’s nothing wrong with that, he’s worked his ass off, trained his ass off, and is just as committed as anyone out there to getting bigger and building huge large muscles. If you want to look as good as Salman Khan’s Bodybuilding you need to do a few things. One, lift heavy and do all the big heavy compound movements! Two, eat well and eat plenty of calories!

What anabolic steroids does he use?

Guessing I’d say:

  • Testosterone
  • Tren
  • Human growth hormone
  • Turinabol also known as t-bol
  • Deca
  • Anavar

All of these are great anabolic steroids that would give him many benefits if he wants to build as much muscle as possible while staying lean which of course he does, as I said if you wish to purchase them check out our links above!

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