Omnadren Steroid Cycles and the Secrets of Its Effective Use

Active chemical substance: testosteron propionat, testosteron
fenilpropionat, testosteron izohexocanoat, testosteron hexacanoat.
Commercial denomination:
Omnadren 250mg/ml

Omnadren is a combination of four ethers of testosterone, dissolved in oil, which guarantees a fast and long-term effect on the organism. Testosterone propionate has the most efficient influence on the human body which lasts for approximately 24 hours. The effect of phenylpropionate and isohexonate starts within 24 hours after first use and lasts up to two weeks. Hexanot has a longer period of influence.

Due to the strong androgen effect, Omnadren confers a flux of straight, increases water-retention, and blood flow, it is followed by the process of “pumping”. It also increases appetite and improves the process of post-training regeneration. Yet the drug is easily aromatized, so you shall take antiestrogens.

After a short adaptation period, the amount of water retained in the tissues becomes smaller and weight may change. The duration of the drug’s use may last for around 2-3 weeks with a condition that the drug is injected weekly. When it comes to doses, they may differ from person to person, depending on weight, gender, age, and the desired result. Often sportsmen use 250mg/week or inject 8 vials daily(2000mg).

Economically speaking Omnadren is an alternative to Sustanon and Testosterone Enantat which have bigger prices and this is why most use it in bigger doses. For most sportsmen, a proper dose is about 250-1000mg/week. It is enough to get great results without serious health risks. When Omnadren is combined with Dianabol, Anapolon, and Deca-Durabolin, it contributes to increasing force, weight, and retaining water.

The combination of Omnadren and Methandrostenolone is very popular because both drugs are accessible and bring good results with minimal cost. Although the results obtained by this combination (and any other combination which includes Omnadren) vanish fast when the administration is stopped.

Adverse reactions are similar to other variants of injectable testosterone (see Testosterone Enantat). Some of the most common yet very unpleasant side-effects are severe acne and high aggressiveness. Aggressive behavior appears when the drug is consumed in a bigger quantity than other testosterone.

Acne is an effect of Omnadren and usually, it appears like an allergic reaction. Many athletes have reported eruptions on their hands, back, shoulders, and face, which doesn’t happen in the case of using Sustanon and Testosterone Enantat. The problem is that the presence of injectable substances with impurities isn’t excluded, because the quality determination isn’t at a high level in Eastern Europe. There are the possibilities that during the production process the purities and sterilization aren’t guaranteed 100%.

Dr. F. Baker confirms in a series of his books “Everything About Doping”: “the cause of acne appearance is the impurities of product or the condition of hygiene of the sportive….”. Omnadren is produced as vials of 250mg/ml each, 5 vials (a box) which are sold approximately with 9-10$. At the same time, there is the “original” product manufactured by Polish companies (white boxes with blue lines) and a Lithuanian product (pink boxes) which are usually counterfeit.

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