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Clenbuterol for Women Guide – More reviews, Dosage, Simple cycles

In the past, Clenbuterol was used by male and female bodybuilders to burn off fat in order to make muscles more visible.

However, more and more people are now endorsing Clenbuterol for women who want to lose weight.

This trend has become quite popular mostly because of numerous before and after pictures of female celebrities, models, athletes, and regular everyday women cropping up online with claims of Clen being behind those dramatic physical transformations.

Today, this drug is better known as the “size zero” pill because of its incredible ability to cut fat and maintain lean mass.

Due to this, many women around the world are considering including Clenbuterol in their weight loss regimen.

However, magic weight loss pills have a tainted history. We’ve seen many weight loss wonder pills come and go.

This is because most of them claim to deliver amazing weight results, only to disappoint users.

So, does Clenbuterol really work or is it just another hyped-up weight loss pill that amounts to nothing?

Is it safe to use? Does it have any negative effects? What’s the right way to take it?

This article takes a comprehensive look at Clenbuterol for women to give answers to these questions and other concerns you may have regarding the drug. Meanwhile see our top recommendation here…

Typical Results Women Get From Using Clenbuterol

When compared to steroids and other fitness supplements , Clenbuterol is probably the strongest fat burner available.

So, if you want to burn excessive fat, Clen could be the solution for you. When it comes to performance, Clenbuterol for female results are similar to what men experience.

However, women tend to get a better punch out of Clenbuterol due to their genetic makeup.

Clen works by stimulating the body’s beta 2 receptors. This stimulation raises the body’s core temperature resulting in an increase in metabolism rate.

Naturally, the body generates heat to keep the internal core temperature stable. It does this by constantly burning fat and calories.

Clenbuterolchanges this natural order of things by raising the core temperature. This in turn causes the body to start burning more fat than usual even when the body is at rest.

And since women tend to store more fat than men do, Clen aids in more body fat loss in females than males, with Clenbuterol for women reviews reporting drops as much 10-20 pounds of fat in just 1 month of use.

Another great thing about Clenbuterol is that it has a good anti-catabolic impact that preserves muscle mass from damage even when one is on the lowest calorie diet.

As a result, when using Clen, you not only lose fat but also get to achieve a well-toned physique thanks to the muscle preservation benefit of the drug.

Clenbuterol is also a stimulant, which according to weight loss reviews and testimonials, decreases the appetite of the user. This only helps to further enhance the fat burning potential of this drug.

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Simple Clenbuterol Dosage and Cycle for Women

When it comes to the advice offered by actual users and fitness experts on how women should take Clenbuterol, there’s a general consensus that Clen can be a safe and effective product for weight loss but only when the correct cycle is used.

Abusing or overusing the drug, on the other hand, often leads to some bad side effects. For this reason, first time users should apply caution when using Clen.

A good starting point for women is 20mg/day. This mild Clenbuterol dosage for women gives beginners a chance to gauge Clenbuterol’s effect on their body after which they can completely cut off use of the drug in the event of an adverse reaction.

Just like steroids, Clenbuterol is more effective and safer when taken through “on and off” cycles.

When it comes to Clenbuterol for women cycles, Clen works best when taken on a 2-week on and 2-week off basis.

For enhanced effectiveness, this cycle can be followed over a period of 6 weeks and accompanied with regular training and a weight loss friendly diet.

Dosage can be increased by 20mcg per day during the first week and reduced by 20mcg per day over the second week of the 2-week on cycle.

In simple terms, a good startup cycle can look like this:

  • Week 1

Day 1 – 20mcg

Day 2 – 40mcg

Day 3 – 60mcg

Day 4 – 80mcg

Day 5 – 100mcg

Day 6 – 120mcg

Day 7- 140mcg

  • Week 2

Day 1- 120mcg

Day 2 – 100mcg

Day 3 – 80mcg

Day 4 – 60mcg

Day 5 – 40mcg

Day 6 – 20mcg

Day 7- 20mcg

It’s important to note that people respond differently to Clenbuterol. Some women can handle high doses easily without putting their bodies and health at risk while others can only go as far as 60mcg/day.

So, only follow this Clenbuterol cycle if your body can tolerate high doses of Clen. Consulting a doctor before you start using Clen is a good idea since he/she can prescribe a more customized cycle.

Clenbuterol on its own delivers some pretty significant results. However, if you want to boost the weight loss results, you can always stack Clen with other anabolic steroids.

Anavar is arguably the best anabolic steroid for women, more so if you’re looking to lose weight.

This is because unlike other steroids, which exaggerate male characteristics in women, Anavar is a gentle anabolic steroid with minimal side effects.

Additionally, just like Clenbuterol, Anavar has the power to burn unwanted fat while sparing muscle.

Thanks to this similarity in performance, an Anavar and Clenbuterol for women stack usually delivers an exceptional physique.

Anavar and Clen deliver more or less the same results. So, taking high doses of these drugs at the same time can significantly increase chances of side effects.

Therefore, keeping the dosage low is the safe way to go. While there’s not a set Anavar-Clenbuterol stack for everyone, the following combination has proven to work for many women:

  • Week 1 Clenbuterol:

Day 1 – 20mcg

Day 2 – 40mcg

Day 3 – 60mcg

Day 4 – 80mcg

Day 5 – 100mcg

Day 6 – 80mcg

Day 7 – 60mcg

  • Week 2 Anavar

Day 1 – 20mcg

Day 2 – 20mcg

Day 3 – 40mcg

Day 4 – 40mcg

Day 5 – 40mcg

Day 6 – 40mcg

Day 7- 20mcg

This is just an example of an effective Clen – Anavar stack. You can always do research to check out other possible stacks or consult an expert to form a customized stack.

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Possible Side Effects of Clenbuterol for Women

In most cases, sticking to the Clenbuterol dosage prescribed to you should deliver a smooth experience without any adverse side effects.

However, the occurrence of side effects of Clenbuterol for women is not unusual. In fact, a good number of men and women using Clen will at one point experience some of the same probable side effects.

A few of these side effects are caused by Clen’s stimulatory nature. Since Clenbuterol is a stimulant, it increases the workings of the heart.

This in turn leads to an increase in blood pressure as well as other cardiovascular distresses such as tightness of the chest, cardiac hypertrophy, and palpitation, among others.

Excessive sweating and trouble sleeping are also normal side effects of Clen’s stimulatory nature.

Other Clenbuterol side effects women may experience include:

  • Muscle cramping
  • Mood swings
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Depletion of potassium and taurine levels
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Dry mouth
  • Vomiting
  • Concentration loss

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Why Women Now Prefer Legal Alternatives to Toxic Clenbuterol Types

Although Clenbuterol is not an anabolic steroid and has far fewer toxic effects compared to steroids, it’s still not legal to buy in most parts of the world.

In many countries (USA, Australia, most of Europe, etc.), the only legitimate and legal reason for buying Clenbuterol is as a treatment option for asthma and other breathing problems in livestock.

As a result, individuals looking to use Clenbuterol for its fat loss benefits are forced to acquire the drug from the black market.

While there are a wide range of online suppliers on the black market who offer Clenbuterol for sale, there’s a high risk of buying counterfeit Clen.

Some of the available Clenbuterol products are not made to pharmaceutical grade standards and oftentimes contain inferior quality or dosages that are significantly higher than a typical 20mcg pill would contain.

And the few available suppliers who offer quality Clen products at the right dosage usually charge a hefty price for their products.

Due to the risk of potential health consequences, unreasonable prices, and legal repercussions of being caught with Clen, more and more women now prefer legal alternatives to these Clenbuterol types such as the popular CLENBUTROL.

These supplements are legal and safe formulations that you can buy instead of the actual Clenbuterol drug to jump start your metabolism.

Although legal alternatives of Clen may not be as powerful as the drug itself, these supplements are safer (with no side effects) and still effective enough to deliver the Clenbuterol weight loss women results females crave.

The most important and life-saving points to remember when it comes to Clen for women is that Clenbuterol usage must be taken in adequate doses and accompanied by regular exercise and a low-calorie diet.

Additionally, whether your choose to go with Clen tablets, legal alternatives, or liquid Clenbuterol for women, only buy Clenbuterol from reliable sources preferably after receiving specialized medical advice.

By taking these precaution measures, you’ll be able to achieve your weight loss goals fast and safely with minimum side effects.

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