Friday, May 7, 2021

Anavar Stack

Today I plan to answer another question I receive far too often in my opinion: “What is the best Anavar stack?” I receive at least 12 to 20 emails every day about this.

Anyway what is the best Anavar stack? Well that depends on several different factors. What are your goals? Is your goal to cut weight and drop body fat? Is your diet in check? Are you a competitive MMA, boxer, martial artist who wishes to add more strength and a bit of mass while cutting fat? Are you a bodybuilder who is happy with adding 7 to 12lbs of lean muscle mass while dropping a bit of body fat? All of these questions have to be asked before I can give any advice on an Anavar stack.

Below I’m going to list a bunch of basic Anavar stacks that you can use to get the results you require.

First is an Anavar stack aimed at losing body fat.

First off I’m assuming your diet is in check and you are in a calorie defict while still eating plenty of protein, low carbs, and good fats, with high nutrient. If not, then don’t even bother using steroids.

We’ll start with a less advanced bodybuilder doing an anavar only cycle. The Anavar stack will obviously just be “anavar” ran at 100mg daily for 8 weeks.

Yes, sounds simple and boring, but it is extremely effective and you will get the results you are looking for.

Now for a more intermediate bodybuilder on steroids, this anavar stack Is quite effective at cutting the fat and HOLDING onto the muscle mass, especially for those who compete and already have a large frame.

Testosterone enthanate at 500mg weekly. 12 weeks
Anavar 100mg daily for 8 weeks

This anavar stack Is extremely effective and will give you some dramatic results. I’ve seen people go to 4%. You heard me correct. 4% body fat on this cycle, which is EXTREMELY impressive, given the circumstances.

And he didn’t look skinny. His muscle mass, I’m confident in saying, had not altered. Sure he was carb depleted but on his first carb up he instantly put on 12LBS and looked EVEN bigger than before. Again, another powerful anavar stack

Now this one is a bit more extreme and is focused on a mass/cut on at the same time. This anavar stack is by far the most powerful one I’ve mentioned so far.

What you will need

Testosterone enthanate run for 12 weeks
Anavar 10 weeks
Tren 6 weeks

This anavar stack, as noted above, is extremely powerful and focuses on adding LEAN muscle while reducing body fat. Tren is extremely powerful at reducing bodyfat while adding muscle mass. The testosterone will keep everything in check and of course add lean muscle mass on a weekly basis. Anavar will help in the fat burning and hardening of the muscles while giving dramatic strength gains. The three work together in perfect union and despite what anyone tells you, both anavar and tren have been proven to free up fat radicals in the body and reduce body fat. And with the mass you’ll build on this, as long as you have a good diet you can do nothing BUT lose fat and gain lean muscle mass.

The above is just three of the more basic anavar stack you can do. There is probably over 100 different ways to do a good anavar stack and obviously I won’t go into all the details here, I just wanted to point you in the right direction. Feel free comment below where I or one of my employees will be able to help you create your own anavar stack.

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