Athletes using steroids

It seems like more and more athletes are using steroids in this day and age and I honestly don’t have a problem with it. It makes sense to me, we live in a society where individuals keep demanding super human feats. We want the fastest men on the planet, we want the strongest men on the planet. You can’t do these things naturally even if you dedicate your life to it, the only way to get to the level we are satisfied with is by using anabolic steroids and this is something we’ve all encouraged throughout the years.

My problem with Athletes using steroids only comes when they are under the age of 21. Anyone in high school on anabolic steroids is a complete and utter idiot.

There is no need to use them now and doing so will only cause health issues.

I find it utterly ridiculous when people claim athletes are “cheating” if they are using steroids. If 100 athletes enter a competition and all 100 are on anabolic steroids, who is cheating who? Oh, they are cheating themselves? That’s even more idiotic.

Training daily, eating the best foods possible? Sleeping 8 to 10 hours per day and working their ass off? No one is cheating they are succeeding there is a big difference between a loser and a winner.

Another thing that drives me mad is when guys defend celebrities for using them. “Well at least when Christian Bale took them for Batman he did it for a movie role not to win a competition.” Oh right, so if Christian Bale and 8 other actors all turned up for the same role all were told they needed to “bulk up” and Christian bale was the only one willing to do anabolic steroids and get big enough for the role, they have all been “cheated” out of it then haven’t they, mhmm?

Honestly athletes using steroids is not something “new.” Sure, it might be getting more common. But they are also getting better at disguising it, hence, why we don’t have the same amount of “breakouts” that we did during the early 90’s of guys failing steroid tests.

Numerous coaches have come out and said over 80% of everyone in the Olympics is on anabolic steroids while others have claimed baseball is so full of steroid usage that the hall of fame can have no more inductees for the time being.

What does it matter? Steroids have been proven to have NUMEROUS health benefits. I have heard idiots go “THEY ARE ILLEGAL FOR A REASON MAN!” Well it was illegal for whites to marry blacks once, wasn’t it? And it was illegal for women to vote, was there a reason for that? Yeah, exactly. Educate yourselves and let’s make steroids legal. Not only would it improve the health of 1000s it would also make a huge difference in the world’s economy.

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Athletes Using Steroids

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  1. Christian Bale never told he took steroids, even for Batman. Not that’s impossible that he did, but these are only suppositions, not facts.


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