Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone, as most of us are familiar with, is the hormone responsible for several masculine characters in people. The manliness in your voice, the muscular frame of your body, your sexual libido, or the amount of hair on your body are some features that are determined by the amount of testosterone produced in your body.

Being unable to feel energetic or having drastic mood swings can be a few of the indicators of having a low testosterone count in you. Thanks to advances in medicine, you can now increase the production of testosterone in your body through testosterone therapy, also widely known as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

The First Signs of Low T-Levels

A low testosterone count may be the result of various factors with aging being one of the most common ones. As men reach the age of 50 or 55, the prostate gland’s efficiency in producing testosterone lowers down, resulting in a low sex drive, changes in mood, low energy levels, etc.

There can be other factors that come into play too when you have a low T-level during your young years. Any symptoms of low T should be addressed immediately. There is no need to shy away.

Is TRT Necessary?

Just because TRT is readily available, it’s not always advisable to simply administer a TST for yourself. A proper diagnosis of your condition, the present levels should be done by a doctor and then, on the advice and with the guidance of the doctor, you can proceed with the therapy.

A bit of surfing and research on the net on TRT will only increase the apprehensions you already have in mind.

Yes, as it is an alteration in the hormonal count in the body, there are several noted side effects of the therapy such as skin rashes and hair loss which are reported by the users. But a look at the benefits of testosterone therapy will only get you ready for the leap if at all it is necessary.

Some of the more common side effects from low testosterone include the following:

  • Insomnia, poor sleep patterns restlessness
  • Increase in body fat and reduced muscle mass
  • Low sex drive, poor erection quality, and problems with maintaining an erection
  • Depression, lack of motivation and fatigue

Surprise! Not One Benefit But Many!

The benefits of testosterone therapy are far lesser-known compared to the side effects for various, including the lesser availability of information on the subject.

  • One of TRT’s basic benefits is an uplifted mood. Say bye to those days when you feel irritated, for you are filled with energy now!
    An obvious and the most intended benefit is the increased libido you are filled with. An increase in testosterone definitely results in an alleviated sex drive.
  • The old bulgy you will now slowly transform into a leaner, more muscled personality. You muscle frame builds well under TRT.
  • A rise in the amount of testosterone in your body will definitely lead to increased energy and renewed assertiveness in the decisions you take.
  • Well, all said and done, there is an increased overall masculinity in you when you are under TRT. This might revitalize you and bring out a new you to bring back the old, energetic you!

While the benefits of TRT are good, there are some side effects that you should be aware of. Most Doctors will tell you that TRT therapy is completely safe and it is for most men but not for all.

Some of the side effects you should be concerned with include the following:

Is chemcial TRT necessary?

While some men may think that chemical TRT therapy is the only way to increase testosterone, this is not always the case. Many of the causes of low testosterone are often due to lack of exercise and poor diet. There are certain minerals that men can take instead of chemical TRT to naturally boost testosterone levels.

Minerals like Zinc and Magnesium are both essential for boosting testosterone levels and there are many supplements that can naturally increase testosterone with no side effects.

Before considering TRT therapy there are a few things you should ask yourself

How much of a negative impact does it have on your life?

If you are struggling with subtle symptoms you may want to consider supplementation as a first option. A natural testosterone booster can help increase testosterone levels safely without side effects. In many cases, this will help most men restore levels back to normal.

The benefit of testosterone supplements is that they have concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals you need. However, if you want to do it with diet and exercise you can. Strength training is a good way to increase testosterone levels. You may also want to consider eating more foods that help boost testosterone.


Low testosterone is not something to be extremely concerned about, while it is a health condition that affects men of all ages, it is something that is relatively simple to correct. If you feel you suffer from symptoms you should consult your doctor, he can then suggest a proper treatment depending on the severity of your condition.

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