Beginner Steroid Cycle Guide: Find Out How to Get Muscled with No Health Risks

Many gym-goers around the world use illegal steroids in some way or another. It is possible to bet that only a very small number of these steroid users use them safely and responsibly. It is important to understand how to create the best beginner cycle for steroid usage in order to get the results you desire.

Beginners’ Guide to Steroids

The use of illegal anabolic steroids involves altering your body’s natural growth processes. Your results may not be as good as you’d like if you don’t know what to do. You will feel more sensitive to the effects of anabolic steroids because you are still a beginner. This article will show you how to get the best beginner steroid cycle for lean body mass. This article will show you how to make your first steroid cycle the best possible.

While we provide this information to keep you informed, it is not intended to condone illegal anabolic steroid use. BrutalForce is a safer, legal, and more effective way to get ripped. BrutalForce can be used as a safe legal steroid alternative that does not require injections and has no side effects.

What Does It Take to Make Steroids Work?

It’s essential to first understand the workings of anabolic steroids. Steroids mimic the effects of testosterone, the male hormone responsible, among other things, for muscle growth. Stimulants can be used to increase your body’s ability to work hard in the gym as well as help you recover faster from injuries. Your workouts will be harder and you’ll see impressive results sooner.

What Are the Top Steroids for Beginners?

Every person is unique and steroids are not for everyone. The effects of steroids on your body depend on your age and sex as well as genetics and environmental factors. It’s important to be informed before you dive into beginner steroid cycles, and everything else in between.

Here are some options that are thought to be the best for novices:

Testosterone Anthate

Beginners in their first cycles of steroids should use testosterone. This is due to the fact that testosterone can bring big gains without causing severe side effects. The main problem with testosterone is the fact that it has to be injected, making it far less pleasant than other entry-level steroids. You can choose from testosterone enanthate or testosterone suspension, as well as testosterone acetate and testosterone propionate. The main difference between these different forms is how long they take to kick-in and how often you need injections.

Testosterone enanthate increases/replenishes stores of testosterone, which can be depleted by other forms of anabolic steroid, hence the popularity of this particular one. As a guideline, a daily intake of 300 to 500mg is recommended for beginners. Other benefits include increased endurance and a general increase of effectiveness in gaining lean muscles.

There are, however, side effects:

* Nausea
* Numberness
* Acne
* Breast swelling among men (man boobs).
* Mood swings
* Shortness of breath
* Water retention
* Hair loss/hair thinning

Some men take Arimidex with testosterone as an effective aromatase inhibitor (AI). This is to lower the chance of having those awful man boobs. However, it can lead to increased blood pressure. The greater your testosterone dose, the more likely you are to have man boobs.


Anavar might be the best beginner bodybuilding steroid. Anavar is far less potent than testosterone. However, because it is taken orally, it increases fat burning and builds muscle. Anavar isn’t the best option for those who want to build significant muscle in order to get the best first cycle of steroid cycles. Anavar builds less muscle than other steroids. It is also extremely expensive. Some bodybuilders like to stack Anavar and testosterone in order to get the most from their muscle-building and fat loss efforts. Side effects can be elevated during this cycle.

Side effects of Anavar are:

* Testosterone suppression
* Increased LDL cholesterol
* Oily skin
* Hair thinning is possible.


Dianabol, which is taken orally rather than injected, is a good steroid for beginners. The effects build gradually and allow you to get familiar with steroids. It could take two to four months before you feel the real effects. A minimum of six weeks is recommended for your first Dianabol cycle. After that time, side effect severity can increase. Beginners can take between 15 and 30mg daily. This should be taken for no more than six weeks.

Dianabol could cause the following side effects:

* Acne
* Liver damage
* Hair loss
* Develop of breast tissue in men (dreaded manboobs)
* Increased blood Pressure

However, there are some potential benefits such as improved endurance, faster fat burning and shorter recovery time between workouts. Beginner bodybuilders might see an increase of 70lbs in their weight by adding compound exercises to their first cycle. Dbol, one of the best beginner steroids, is great for building strength. Dianabol is particularly hepatotoxic so it is important to take liver support while you are on your cycle.


Nandrolone can be used to stimulate muscle growth. It can increase appetite, speed up muscle growth and reduce recovery times. Beginers: 200 mg per week with two injections each of 100mg and 200mg respectively. There are many possible side-effects. In addition to reducing your sperm counts and possibly rendering you infertile, you might also experience:

* Acne everywhere on your body
* Vomiting
* The liver is damaged
* In women, excess hair growth can lead to undesirable effects in the genitals.


While Winstrol may seem like a good steroid for beginners it is not one that should be taken lightly. Because it has so many side effects, it is important to use this steroid with extreme caution. Winstrol won’t convert to oestrogen and you are therefore less likely to form man boobs. Winstrol, unlike other steroids, can be used to build muscle.

Additional benefits include the following:

* Intensive workouts without more red blood cell production
* Orally and via injections
* It won’t harm your liver (unlike other steroids).
* Can be used in combination with other steroids, such as a stack

Winstrol has side effects such as:

* Headaches
* Insomnia
* Acne
* Feeling nauseous
* Low libido
* Can affect your skin colour


Sustanon injections are required once every five working days. It can be purchased in the UK without a prescription. However it is difficult to obtain a Sustanon cycle for beginners as it is only available on the blackmarket in the US.

Side effects include the following:

* Mood swings
* Water retention
* Sensitive nibbles
* Baldness
* Acne
* Oily skin

Best Beginner Steroids Cycles

It’s clear that anabolic steroids can have side effects. While some may be short-term, others can last a long time and cause serious health problems. Take care when looking for a beginner cycle of steroid cycles.

But What Is a Steroid Cycle?

Steroids can be extremely powerful and have enormous effects on your body. Understanding how to use steroids is critical to your safety and health. This is not surprising since bodybuilders often inject these dangerous substances in their ‘cycles’. Our bodies are not built to take long-term steroids and hormones. In fact, large doses of these steroids can kill you. A typical cycle lasts between 4 and 6 weeks. The cycle can resume once your body is back in its pre-steroid state.

Dianabol (Dbol) Only Cycle

Dbol is widely known by beginner bodybuilders. It can last for 8 weeks if you choose a Dbol-only program. The first five weeks will consist of 20mg each day before going on to post cycle therapy (PCT).

Winstrol-Only Cycle

If you are using Winstrol only, the pattern will be similar and last 8 weeks.

* Weeks 1-5: 30 mg daily
* Weeks 6-8: PCT

Testosterone Anthate Only Cycle

It is possible to expect your testosterone enanthate cycle to last at least 15 weeks if you are only using it. Keep taking 500mg of testosterone enanthate every week through week 10. Skip 11 and 12. Then, go into PCT.

Dianabol and Testosterone Anthate

Dianabol is considered to be a lighter steroid so it’s often combined with testosterone enanthate. A 15-week cycle of Dianabol and testosterone, enanthate typically lasts. In weeks 1 – 4, take 500mg of testosterone daily. Dianabol is 30mg daily. Weeks 5-10 – Take 500mg of testosterone per week. You should take a break between weeks 11, 12 and 13, before going into the PCT for the 13 to 15.

Testosterone Enanthate (and Nandrolone Decanoate) Cycle

If you thought that the previous cycles were a bit heavy, this combination cycle might be for you! A testosterone enanthate or nandrolone dcanoate cycle can last for up to 17 weeks. Weeks 1-10 – 500mg testosterone daily, plus 400mg nandrolone weekly. Weeks 11-13 – Allow your body to relax. Weeks 14-17, PCT.

Why Beginner’s Steroid Cycle Is Important

The use of steroids incorrectly can lead to serious side effects. The best way to prevent your body from taking more high-dose steroids is to use it in cycles. Most cycles last between one to two years. The first half was spent on the steroids and the second half on recovery.

The Importance and Value of Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT)

The body suppresses hormones it naturally produces when it is subject to steroid cycles.  Although testosterone and steroids are meant to enhance performance and muscle growth, the body is aware that this newfound testosterone may be too high. It then stops producing it completely. It stops producing it.

A short break from steroid usage (hence, not long-term) allows your body to heal and recover from steroid usage. Simply stated, PCT helps to avoid side effects caused by steroids and preserve gains made during the cycle.

A Legal Alternative to Steroids

Anabolic steroids can be illegal or unsafe, so it is not surprising that former users of steroids have now chosen legal and safer alternatives. To avoid potential health issues and risks, you can save yourself a lot of headaches (quite literally). Stay clear of steroids.

However, if your goal is to find legal and safe alternatives to popular steroids you will want to check out an extensive range of steroid substitutions. Let’s face the facts: side effects are not worth it.

The Best Bodybuilding Steroid Advice for Beginners

This article is a reminder to anyone who might be considering using anabolic steroid. The side effects, regardless of the outcome, are not worth the risks. The best beginner steroid regimen is to stop taking steroids and opt instead for a natural, safe, and highly-effective alternative.

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