Anavar Side Effects

Today I plan on speaking about Anavar side effects. Hence the name Anavar Side Effects for the article! While I am a huge fan of this drug, as can be seen in all of my previous articles on it, I think it’s only important and, of course, fair to mention, what Anavar side effects can occur from the use of Anavar.

My favorite Anavar effect is that Anavar WORKS. I’ve never met anyone who is unable to gain lean mass and or lose some fat while using Anavar. it is a great anabolic steroid and can be used for countless purposes such as cutting, bulking, bodybuilders, powerlifters, Olympic lifters, boxers, MMA fighters, martial artists, hell, rugby and football players. I can’t give this steroid enough credit.

But what negative Anavar side effects can we expect? For women, the worst side effect I’ve noticed is that in extremely high doses i.e 30mg+ a deepening of the voice. No other male characteristics were noticed. Just simply the voice got slightly deeper. You can usually notice when this is about to happen to prevent it. Your throat will feel tighter and swell slightly. This will give you more than enough time to realize what is happening and the type of Anavar side effects you are experiencing. Simply lowering the dose rather than stopping it altogether is usually an easy way to reverse this negative side effect.

Most women can run up to 20mg daily with little to no Anavar side effects.

Men, on the other hand, tend to be able to run up to 100mg daily safely. I don’t believe Anavar is “big” at shutting you down, but it will shut you down slightly. Usually, a basic PCT such as Nolvadex daily for 2 weeks at 20mg is more than enough to fix this. I’ve again seen men run up to 150mg daily without seeing any Anavar side effects. I know a guy who ran 160mg daily who said he noticed an increase in headaches so this was obviously one of Anavar’s side effects that was unwanted. However, 160mg daily is an EXTREMELY high dose and probably more than needed.

I’ve seen up to 15lbs of fat loss with excellent muscle retention and even a slight gain of muscle mass on a diet consisting of as little as 700 calories per day! What other possible Anavar side effects are there? Well, a lot of people claim that one of the Anavar side effects is that it is liver toxic. While it is slight I find this to be completely over-exaggerated, especially compared to most LEGAL medical drugs that are offered all year round.

The toxicity level of Anavar is actually quite low in comparison to most anabolic steroids and in fact, many drugs are out there in general. For this, I give it another thumbs up. I’ve seen guys run this for up to 16 weeks with little to no negative effects. So I feel the Anavar side effects are quite exaggerated as do many others. In fact, a lot of doctors are now pushing this to be a LEGAL drug, which is another positive.

Overall, I hope you enjoyed reading about the Anavar side effects and I plan to do many more articles like this.

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