Does Anavar REALLY Cause Hair Loss and Balding in Men?

LEGAL NOTICE: Anavar is legal in some countries, but requires a prescription to be bought in other countries.

Many people prefer Anavar because of its fewer side effects compared to other steroids. This steroid is quite mild on the liver and at a moderate dosage is easily tolerated by both men and women. Side effects become noticeable when the drug is abused. Nevertheless, individuals who are sensitive may experience greater effects even though Anavar is considered the safest anabolic steroid available. Hair loss and balding is one of the side effects that many people worry about. This is because Anavar is androgenic and does affect testosterone function in the body. But it is not true that everyone who uses Anavar will lose hair and there are ways to reduce the risk. Does Anavar cause hair loss or is this a trumped-up risk? Learn more in this article as well as tips for your cycle.

Anavar Prescription Information

Doctors prescribe Anavar when people lose a lot of weight due to an illness or injury. Because it is easy for ill patients to metabolize this medication via the kidney as opposed to the liver, it is one of the best steroids to treat such illnesses. It is also good for treating certain circumstances that deal with cancer, weight loss, HIV, and body tissues. This is because Anavar can regenerate, restore or build lean muscle tissue. It also helps speed up recovery time.

Another advantage of using this drug is that it does not cause water retention and also does not produce side effects that are related to estrogen, due to aromatization. Despite that the effects of Anavar are mild, it is advisable that users consult with their doctor before they commence the administration of this drug. Monitoring should also continue even during the use of steroids.

Bodybuilders Take Anavar for Cutting Cycles

Bodybuilders use Anavar to decrease fat in the abdomen. This particular steroid does not take out your hair, which is known to happen with a lot of anabolic steroids. Anavar can also help with your respiratory function and speed up injury recovery. It is believed to be one of the better steroids used for cutting. It can help users to drop weight and keep it off permanently. One of the best things about Anavar is that it can build up lean muscles and make you stronger, and you can do it without retaining water.

Also, it does not aromatize and it does not hinder the production of testosterone. Also, in comparison to other drugs, it has a low sulfobromophthalein, which can help with certain sports. Anavar also tends to improve nitric oxide levels, which builds muscle mass. It also has a good impact on protein synthesis.

Anavar and Hair Loss

As previously mentioned, Anavar is a Class 1 anabolic steroid, which means it is mildly anabolic with low androgenic function. Anavar is derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which leads to some confusion surrounding its effects. Because it is based on DHT, it is “5-alpha reduced”. This means that it cannot react with these enzymes in the manner of testosterone, making it more potently “dihydro”.

There is no transformation from neurosteroid allopregnanolone (5AR type I) to DHT(5AR type II), so using Procepia (Finasteride) which inhibits 5AR type II or Dutasteride which inhibits both 5AR type I and type II would not be at all effective. Anavar is not associated with hair loss in people who are not already predisposed to male pattern baldness, but if you are concerned, some users report that spironolactone, flutamide, and Nizoral shampoo may help to prevent hair loss.

Androgenic Side Effects Of Anavar

Alterations to the chemical structure of Anavar afford it an exceedingly lower androgenic rating than Testosterone twenty-four for Oxandrolone, and one hundred for Testosterone. The side effects of this anabolic steroid comprise androgenic side effects. Users in general experience a low risk of androgenic side effects. This is especially true for female users, which makes Anavar the best-suited anabolic steroid for female users.

The androgenic side effects encompass increased sebum secretion or oily skin that produces acne, growth of hair on the body and face, and a greater risk of eliciting Male Pattern Baldness or MPB in individuals with the genetic trait. Anavar hair loss side effects related to androgenicity include virilization side effects for females that entail the development of male characteristics such as the growth of body hair, a deep voice, enlargement of the clitoris, and irregular menstruation or menses.

This compound does not work together with the 5-Alpha Reductase enzyme, which is the enzyme that controls the conversion of Testosterone to the androgenic Dihydrotestosterone. Therefore, Anavar never converts to a more powerful androgenic form. Consequently, the androgenic power linked to Var is the potency is consistent all through its usage.

SAFETY WARNING: Anavar can cause serious side effects if used improperly. It is important to adhere to dosage instructions closely to prevent adverse reactions.

Additional Side Effects Associated with Oxandrolone

Some of the minor side effects related to the use of Anavar are:

– Oily skin
– Acne
– Hair Loss
– Fatigue
– Increase in Cholesterol
– Nausea
– Low Libido
– Irregular sleeping pattern
– High Blood pressure

In some sensitive individuals, the use of Anavar may lead to the development of allergic reactions. Allergic reactions are often accompanied by hives, itching, rashes, and swelling of the legs and/or arms. Users who experience these symptoms are advised to discontinue their use of the drug and see their doctor. Most steroids produce liver toxicity, though this is mild with Anavar. But it is important that you are cautious as you take this drug.

Consult your doctor immediately if you notice signs of liver toxicity. These signs include:

– Joint Pain
– Long-Lasting Fatigue
– Yellowing of the Skin or Eyes
– Light Colored Stools
– Dark Colored Urine
– Abdominal Pain

It is also important to note that certain health conditions may be aggravated by the use of Anavar. Therefore, it is imperative that your doctor evaluate you before you commence the use of Anavar if you have or have had any of the following conditions:

– Breast/Prostate Cancer
– Kidney Disease
– Liver Disease
– High Cholesterol
– Heart Disease

Your doctor will determine whether you are fit for the drug or if clenbuterol is better.If you can, your doctor will also determine the best dosage and the duration of use. They may also give you advice on how to avoid Anavar hair loss and balding side effects.

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