Cutting Effects of Anavar or Oxandrolone

Anavar is one of the most popular steroids used in bodybuilding for a number of reasons. Primarily, Anavar is popular among bodybuilders who want to try and minimize the negative health effects that steroids can exert on the body. Anavar works via DHT (dihydrotestosterone) meaning that it doesn’t directly impact testosterone and thereby doesn’t have many of the same side effects associated with heightened T.

Anavar will not – for example – cause gynecomastia (breast development), which is a very big advantage in the minds of many male athletes! Anavar is also less potent generally when compared to similar steroids. Something like Winstrol, for example, will work very similarly to Anavar but will have more damaging negative effects on the liver, the heart, and endogenous testosterone levels.

Of course, something like Winstrol also has more benefits in terms of fat loss and muscle growth. But as mentioned, Anavar is often chosen by guys for its relatively low-risk nature. It’s also popular among women because it’s less likely to cause the masculinization effects associated with other drugs such as Dbol.

For Cutting

Another big advantage of Anavar though is that it is good for cutting. The main reason for this is once again that it acts on DHT. This in turn means that Anavar isn’t going to get converted into oestrogen as testosterone can be. This is the reason that it doesn’t cause gynecomastia.

At the same time though, this lack of oestrogen means that DHT does not increase the risk of water retention or fat storage which other substances can do. Dianabol for instance is often considered to be primarily a ‘bulking’ steroid as it adds a lot of mass but is fairly indiscriminate in how it does this. Anavar is used more for muscle hardening and is great in this way for guys who want more muscle to get it without adding fat.

Compared With Other Drugs

At the same time, Anavar will not provide the muscle hardening or cutting benefits of many other, similar steroids. For example, you shouldn’t expect to get the same kind of benefits from Anavar as you would expect from Winstrol. This is because Winstrol is much more potent and increases DHT to a much greater extent.

Winstrol works in the exact same way as Anavar, by increasing the DHT levels in the body and this, in turn, leads to more muscle mass and less fat. Unlike Anavar, though, DHT can also increase the red blood cell count by burning more fat and increasing protein synthesis. The result is that Winstrol has much more potent effects but it’s also much harder on the liver and the other organs.

In some ways, you could describe Anavar as being like a much weaker Winstrol. But while the benefits are smaller, it’s important to note that there are still risks and you’re still taking your life into your own hands.

This is why the only real safe way to get these kinds of cutting benefits is to use something else entirely. Crazy Bulk has a number of helpful alternatives to steroids, such as their powerful ‘Anvarol’ which has the same basic effects as Anavar.

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