Scoring Steroids in Your Gym

“Psst! PSSST!!” – whispers: “You. You, over there. Yeah, you. Come here. Have I got a deal for you!”

Okay, maybe no one has ever approached you in this manner, but just because someone doesn’t solicit you to buy drugs in your gym, doesn’t mean that they aren’t there at the ready to do just that!

Steroids have largely gone way underground once more because of stiff laws on AS possession, use, and distribution. For a gym rat like you, that’s both good and bad news. It’s good news because you are less likely to get caught if care is taken to be discreet, but it’s also bad news because it’s harder to find someone who is willing to sell to a newbie like you!

Fact is, there’s a whole protocol for procuring AS these days. The first rule of thumb is this: Be sure this is something you’ve really thought about doing. Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Do I have legitimate and lofty athletic aspirations that almost require that I take AS?
  • Have I gone the distance with natural training to build a foundation? Could that foundation be taken any further without AS?
  • Is AS use worth the risk for my life? Am I a husband? Father? Do I have a good job?
  • If I were to be caught, could I take the consequences? Could I do jail time and not lose everything in my life? What would it do to my self-esteem and social standing if I were to face legal consequences?
  • Do I have the extra money it takes to purchase expensive black market AS? Am I dipping into mortgage money or car payment money to buy them, or is this disposable income that is mine to use?

If you can pass muster in this phase, you’re probably bound and determined to procure your first cycle of AS. And if that’s the case, you need to find someone you can trust – both to preserve your anonymity and to provide you with authentic gear!

So how does one go about this?

Well, after questioning your reasons and deciding to go forward, the second step is to become a regular member of a gym – become the guy who shows up 4-5 days a week and becomes a “known entity”. Remember, just because you show up though, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be invited into a circle of those who sell AS. They are more suspicious than you are because they are selling them and don’t want you to be an undercover cop who rolls all over them and sends them packing to prison!

The third step is to let people know WHO you are and WHAT you do for a living. If a dealer knows you go to work at a mortgage firm, and not a police station, they’ll be more likely to sell to you because they know it’s impossible that you’re undercover.

The fourth step is to make friends with guys in the gym. Get to know people by training with them, hanging out with them, and talking to them about your goals. Once they know you want what they want – to achieve the best body you can – they’ll be more likely to let you into their circle of friends and network of resources. Let them know that you are considering doing AS and pay attention to their reactions. Don’t pry or push people by approaching those you hardly know, or don’t know at all, asking “Who sells drugs here?”

The fifth step is to confide in someone whom you know likely takes AS on a regular basis. Pick their brains about what they did to achieve the level of physique they currently have. Ask about cycles and do some independent homework on your own so you aren’t speaking ignorantly about AS. You don’t want to sound like a total newbie, so go online to discussion boards like and and others, (there are tons of them!) and read for a while before posting. Then ask some simple questions to get an idea of how to banter about AS use.

The sixth step is to finally ask someone you trust and now know or have trained with, for advice on how to procure them and what to put together for the “first time”. If it’s not your first time, you probably can skip a lot of these steps, but not the social steps that require getting to know people gradually.

The seventh step is to really know and trust that you are dealing with someone who will not sell you junk or fake drugs before you shell out the cash. Obviously, ordering online, unless you know how to do it and know the source is good by word of mouth, is the riskiest way to procure AS. You’d never be able to find the person who sold you fake gear, and you’d be out a lot of money. The advantage of buying in your gym is that the guy who sells to you has to see you every day. He’s less likely to sell you fake or counterfeit gear

The eighth step, and this is most important, is to keep your mouth shut. Don’t ever talk about what you bought, that you do drugs, or who you get your supplies from. Being discreet is really key in keeping your nose clean, and building a good physique without any consequences. Don’t overdo it.

The ninth step is to not buy more than you need at one time. I think the temptation is to buy more than you need for fear your supply or supplier is going to run out or get arrested and then you’ll have to start over in this process and won’t know who to trust for too long. But the fact is, the more you possess and the more it exceeds the reasonable level of personal use, the more you could look like a dealer if you stockpile. That carries a much stiffer legal sentence, so you’ll want to keep only personal use amounts on hand.

The tenth step is to be careful with your gear. That means two things: Store it correctly (if it is heat-sensitive) and be careful with where you keep it. Don’t flash it around, or bring it to the gym to swallow or inject in the locker room! Keep it stashed someplace other than your house, too, if you can.

It’s always better to not have an association. If it’s found at your house because a lover leaves and turns you in, or someone tips off the cops under any circumstance, you’ll be caught with your pants down dead to rights if you have it in your closet.

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