Testosterone Only Cycle Overview, What To Expect

Review of Test Only Cycles: Let’s begin by reviewing the basics.

Testosterone can be found in both humans and animals.

It is the primary hormone that men’s testicles produce. It is also produced in smaller amounts in the female ovaries. The peak time for testosterone production is during puberty.

It is the main hormone that’s associated with sex and plays a crucial role in producing testosterone. Without testosterone, men are as close to women as they will ever be. Testosterone helps men have a deep voice.

Testosterone has been used for muscle growth and strength. This is the 9.8% most men use when they are looking for anabolic or steroid cycle.

Your 1st cycle should be composed of only testosterone. This will allow you to differentiate between Test and the other compounds on the 2nd and 3rd cycles. This article will address that as well as provide the most important information regarding Test.

What is testosterone?

You should be aware that this hormone is very important for men. Although the hormone is produced naturally by the body and declines with age, there are some things that can decrease or stop its production. One thing you will see most often in the articles of this website is that many steroids affect the body’s testosterone levels (including testosterone itself).

We will get to this point in a moment.

What is an “Ester?”

As is all organic chemistry, estrogens are an important part of anabolic steroidology. Understanding the difference between testosterone esters will make it easier to build a foundational knowledge of steroids.

To simplify it, an ester refers to a synthetic testosterone derivative. Numerous esters undergo a shifting of atoms. These atoms then form slightly different chemicals.

Even though only 1-2 different atoms may exist between one ester and another ester, even this can affect properties such a release speed or other characteristics. This is often the most important difference between esters and can affect which ester you choose for your particular cycle.

Testosterone esters mostly are suspended in oils (cottonseed oil, sesame seed oil). Esters made from oil are slower to be released by the body. It means they take longer for your body to use which allows the testosterone to stay in your body/system longer. This is why they have the names “slow” and “long” esters.

Each of our testosterone esters are injectable. Their dose will depend upon the ester you choose.

Popular testosterone esters:

The following testosterone esters are most frequently used by bodybuilders or athletes:

* Cypionate

This is a slow, injectable form of testosterone. When used properly, deep intramuscular injections deliver enough testosterone into the bloodstream to last for approximately 2 weeks. It has an 8 day half life.

TRT is recommended to take 125 to 160mg of testosterone per week, or 150–200mg per day. A normal dose of 52 injections is recommended for a year.

Common esters of Cypionate include: Depo-Testosterone, Andro Cyp, TC, TCPP, and Testosterone Cyclopentylpropionate.

* Propionate

It acts much faster than other testosterone options, such as propionate and Cypionate. It has an average half-life of 2-3 days. This is why it cannot be considered a prolonged (slow) release. You must inject it every fourth day. TRT is not a common use for it.

Common esters of Propionate include: Testoviron Depot, TP, Testosterone Propanoate, and Propionyltestosterone.

* Enanthate

This is similar to the Cypionate. It is a slow acting form of androgen, which is injected into your body. The deep intramuscular injectable allows for sustained testosterone release in the bloodstream, lasting up to two weeks. It has a half-life time of 8 days. A recommended dose is of mgs. It can be administered in 52 doses within a single year.

Common Cypionate esters include Xyosted, Delatestryl and Delatestryl.

* Undecanoate

This one of the testosterones acts slowly to maintain serum levels within the desired range. It doesn’t experience significant fluctuations. Due to its longer half life, it is recommended that you take it every 3 months. It is a form of natural testosterone and is known as a prodrug.

It is generally administered intramuscularly in 1000mg every 12 weeks. For oral intake the dose should only be taken 2-3 times daily.

Common esters include Aveed (Nebido) and Aveed (Aveed).

Orals versions available: Jatenzo, Andriol.

* Suspension

This type is not derived from ester and it is often used by bodybuilders for its potent mass-building properties. It is also known to be the strongest injectable steroids and can produce strength and fast muscle mass. For low testosterone levels it is recommended that one should take mg. twice weekly.

Andronaq has been called Sterotate, Aquaspension Testosterone, Sterotate and Virosterone.

Popular testosterone cycles:

There are different testosterone cycle goals. They include

* Test-only period

Because Enanthate is slow to act, Cypionate and Enanthate are required for this cycle. These esters work well because they don’t need frequent injections. A single injection can be taken each week to reach optimal testosterone levels.

These common cycles are for those who have more experience.

* The cutting cycle

This cycle is designed to help you lose weight while maintaining your muscle mass.

Winstrol may be used in a slightly easier cutting cycle.

* Weeks 1-12, 400mg./week Testosterone Cypionate
* Week’s 7-12- 50mg./ed Winstrol
* Week’s 50mg./day for Clomid for 3 Weeks (Post Cycle Therapy).
* Optional 0.5mg/everyotherday Arimidex throughout this cycle

TEST, ANAVAR and /OR WINSTROL – Cutting cycle 2

* Week 1-6 – 40-60mg./day Anavar, Winstrol and/or Winstrol
* Weeks 1-12 – mg./e3.5d Testosterone. (Cypionate o Enanthate).
* Week’s 50mg./day of Clomid (for 3 weeks) or Nolvadex (20mg./day, for 4 weeks) (Post-Cycle Therapy).

* Bulking cycle

A bulking regimen is used when the user wants to increase muscle mass.

This can be done one of two ways.

1. The user gains lean muscle.
2. The user gains as much mass and energy as possible.


* Weeks 1-15 – 250mg./e3.5d testosterone (Cypionate/Enanthate).
* Weeks 1-6 – 30-60mg./day Dianabol/mg./day Anadrol (Optional).
* Week’s: 50mg./day Clomid 3 weeks (Nolvadex @ 40/40/20/20/20 (Post-Cycle Therapy)


* One week’s supply of Deca Durabloin is used.
* Week 1-6 – Take 30mg./day of Dianabol
* Weeks 1–15 – 300 mgs./week Deca, 500mg./week Progesterone, and 0.5 Arimidex on alternate days
* Week’s 100 mgs./day (ten days), then 50 mg./day (ten more days).

* Post cycle therapy

This therapy is crucial for two reasons.

1. Fast recovery
2. Maintaining muscle mass.

This is the process that your body uses to allow its natural testosterone production to return. It is important to complete this portion. The abnormally high estrogenic levels you’ll experience post-cycle can even lead to gynecomastia.

Here is my comprehensive guide to PCT.

It’s important to remember that there are many PCT compounds which can fight this process. These include SERMS, AI’S and HCG.

Clomid is probably the most widely used SERM in PCT. Clomid could be used for PCT in the following TEST cycle: 50 mg. per day for 2 consecutive weeks, then drop to 25 mg./day during the second 2 weeks.

Arimidex/or Aromasin is the most widely used AI. AI’s help with water retention are the most effective.

You should remember with regards to PCT that it depends on how fast the ester was used on cycle. This will indicate how quickly your PCT will start after your last injection. The longer you have to wait before you start your PCT (10-14 Days), the slower the ester. The faster your ester (Test Propionate), the quicker it should be started from your last injection (3 Days).

Testosterone results

Different types can be used to achieve different goals. Most can help you achieve your goals of increasing body mass, increasing testosterone hormone production and helping with tissue repair and injury. This is why it is so popular among athletes and bodybuilders.

There are many benefits to using testosterone

* Muscle and Strength Gain

All forms of testosterone are good for muscle and strength gain. This is the most frequent reason that testosterone is used by athletes and bodybuilders.

* Faster recovery

Deca Durabolin (one of the best testosterones for rapid recovery) is one. Deca Durabolin helps to regulate cortisol levels due to excess weight lifting. Although this can initially cause damage to the body tissues, over time this will increase the ability of cortisol in the body to recover muscle strains.

* Fat loss

Most of testosterone stimulates the appetite. The more people eat, the more they have energy and desire to work out more. Regular exercise reduces body fat and helps in controlling obesity.

Testosterone side effects:

Many side effects of testosterone use include heightened aggressiveness and oily skin. These side effects can vary from one person. Other side effects include

* Water retention

Testosterone is converted to estrogen by the body. This hormone is primarily a feminine hormone. Water retention may be caused by an increased level of this hormone. SERMS and AI are able to counter increased water-retention.

* Acne

This is one of many androgenic side effects that testosterone can have, but it is not something that will happen to everyone. If someone is prone to acne, prolonged testosterone use can lead to it.

* Gynecomastia

This is a result of an increase in estrogen hormone levels. This side effect is widely recognized as one of the worst side effects that can be caused by injecting testosterone. Gynecomastia does not need to be serious if you follow the PCT guidelines.

testosterone FAQ’s:

Do testosterone esters show in a drug screening?

You can detect all esters depending on the time that it was taken. Studies have shown slow-release esters can still be detected up 3 months after it was injected. However, fast-release esters can only be detected within 2-3 weeks.

What are long-term health effects associated with testosterone use?

An excessive use of testosterone for a prolonged period can lead to strokes, cardiovascular problems, or even death. Also, depression can result from mood swings and acne. The more severe effects can be caused by taking it in excessive quantities and for too long.


While testosterone is most commonly used for fat loss and muscle building, bulking cycles are often based on its anabolic effect. Some options are cheaper while others can be more expensive. One can decide which option is best for them based on their needs and intended use.

Generatively, testosterone is generally much less expensive than other anabolic steroid (usually $60-90 per vile). This makes it the “go-to solid foundation” for most steroid programs.

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