A Guide to Legal Steroids: 10 Things You Must Know Before Using Them

When we use the word ‘steroid’, what is really being talked about is the anabolic steroid. It is a man-made substance that basically builds testosterone in the body and has many benefits, that includes increased muscle growth, recovery, strength, and leanness.

Protein synthesis and degradation rates are increased and decreased respectively. Steroid users would like to believe that their superhuman bodies are the result of hard work rather than drugs but it is much more than that. Yes, it takes a lot of hard work! A perfect body cannot be made without these drugs. Here are the 10 things you must look into before using legal steroids.

Authentic Legal Steroids:

If a person is doing everything he/she can at the gym but has a shortage of money at hand then they should wait for things to get better financially, and not buy cheap and fake steroids. Do not opt for purchasing the replicas of legal steroids from random shops, or from guys in the corner of gyms, or from the internet where the prices offered are far from what they should be. Purchase these steroids from stores only!

Peer pressure:

If one is enjoying the gym and killing workouts, then one should let things roll along like that. Just because other people working out use it, or if your friends are trying it, doesn’t mean you should jump in with them. It is one’s body and it is his or her responsibility to look after it. For some, steroids are extremely favorable but for others, they may prove to be harmful.

Correct use:

The correct use of legal steroids can boost up your workout resulting in lean muscle mass, increased muscle strength, and an increase in power levels. However, if you are not in a good shape, adding legal steroids to one’s existing workout routine and diet regimen can give them extra body mass, but it will be in a form of unwanted flab. It is also one of the major factors leading to heart strokes because it shoots up one’s blood pressure helping people towards serious cardiovascular issues.


If one’s already overweight, this will lead to the growth of breasts more rapidly than it should. This is due to the estrogen that is produced due to the intake of steroids. Estrogen is present in females and this is the hormone that is responsible for developing a pair of breasts.


Having the right mindset is crucial, especially a positive one! One should be armed when going to the gym because seriousness is key to success. If you are determined enough, steroids will enable you to completely transform yourself.

Strength building:

Steroids will help you to increase your strength, as well as muscle size. One of the best options in the market is Anadrol Derivative. It is basically a synthetic anabolic steroid that is also referred to as Oxymetholone.

However, to obtain this product, it is necessary that you have a prescription. Once the prescription is received from the doctor and the person starts using it, they will notice that they have started to gain lean muscle mass! Research suggests people who use it have gained 20 pounds of lean muscle mass. But just in case a person does not feel comfortable getting it prescribed from a doctor, the other option for getting Anadrol is from supplements that contain Anadrol in them. One company that produces this kind of supplement is CrazyBulk.

Using these supplements will give the same results as Anadrol and help in building both lean muscle mass and strength. This steroid should be taken in a span of 2 months and then the process should be discontinued for 10 days.


Whether one’s competing or cutting for their personal preference, the best steroid option is the synthetic steroid. Oxandrolone, which also goes by the name of Anavar in the market can be bought if one has a prescription for it, but then again if a person wants to avoid it, then there are supplements in the market that contain oxandrolone.

This supplement is produced by CrazyBulk and is called Paravar, it is legal and is considered the best option for people who want to start their cutting phase. The main benefit of Paravar is that it helps the person using it preserve their lean muscle mass gains. Along with preserving lean mass, this product will help the person burn fat at an astonishing pace that cannot be achieved with any other supplement.

The best places to buy:

The only place to look in terms of the quality of the steroid depends on the brand image and the experience they have had in the field. One which has been in the business for a long time and which is doing well is recommended, but thorough research is also recommended before buying. The point is to buy the best legal steroid that has been manufactured and quality checked before it lands in the market places.

Embrace the steroid cycle:

Please do not be one of those people that abuse steroids. One must be aware that when any drug is abused, it will have side effects. Yes, legal steroids are free and can prove to leave no side effects if one uses them properly.

Deciding if this is for you:

So considering the information mentioned above, it is obvious that legal steroids are a great source of boosting muscle gains. Regardless of what a person’s goals are, whether it’s cutting for a competition or losing fat effectively and quickly, these steroids are a great alternative if a person wants to see results in a short period of time. A word of caution would be to use these steroids or supplements exactly as directed on the bottle and by the doctor if they are prescribed. People can get the aesthetic bodies they dream of when they know how to use these steroids safely.

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    until after the fight so the UFC doesn’t have to cancel any fights and fans get what they pay for if you test positive after the fans still get the good show but you lose your win and are suspended and fined and lose all of your purse money even the money you get for just taking the fight I got lucky I did a few professional medical blood transfusions and still got all the benefits of the illegal steroids but passed my blood panel but the second time same thing but I had some very serious side effects during my camp and even after my fight the most frustrating one was although I worked harder during my post cycle than I may have even worked for the fight there was literally nothing I could do when I stopped the cycle even working as hard as I just said I lost every bit of my gains and it took almost 2 months working my ass off naturally to get back where I originally started before ever touching illegal steroids that’s when I decided I would never touch them again. I had to fire my strength and conditioning coach because he was constantly trying to push them back on me. My people did extensive research I have tremendous respect for your company I just ask that you give me the same. When you hear the word supplements most people including me automatically think all natural. So when I ask if I use your companies product while training for competing will your company’s product allow me to pass my blood panel that test for illegal banned performance enhancing drugs by Nevada’s Commission? I apologize this was so long I just wanted to impress the seriousness of my situation to whoever reads this. I’ll leave the email address that I use for unsecured correspondence and beg for a quick answer from whoever reads this. P
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