Muscular Body Types: Ripped, Jacked, and Aesthetic

When people talk about fitness they often use terms like “ripped,” “jacked,” “aesthetic,” etc. It’s not uncommon to use interchangeably. When it comes to personal goals, however, it’s important to be as specific and precise as you can. I will help you to understand the meaning of the terms “ripped”, jacked, or “aesthetic” and how they relate to your fitness goals.

What Does It Really Mean “Ripped”?

The key premise behind being ripped is to have a low percentage of body fat and be able define your muscles. It takes discipline to get “ripped”. Individuals are different, so it is possible to be “ripped” with different body fat percentages. I know people, myself included, who like hard numbers.

Men’s Bodyfat Percentage

* Bodybuilders Competing: 3-4%
* The Really Ripped Ab Look: 8-10%
* Athletics: 12-15%
* No definition: 15%+

Body Fat Percentage for Women

* Bodybuilders Competing: 8-12%
* Figure Competitor: 15-17%
* Toned to Lean: 17-20%
* No definition: 20%+

You can have a higher percentage than those mentioned above, but they are still good numbers to be able to refer to as a baseline. It doesn’t take a lot of muscle to get “ripped”, however. Even if your muscles size is smaller, you can still look great by having a low body fat level and well-defined muscles.

Pros of Being Ripped

  • You Look Attractive
    It doesn’t matter if you are very large. One of the greatest benefits of being ripped, is that you will look great and toned. This is a technique Hollywood employs a lot in its movies. Rocky is an excellent example. Sylvester Stallone is in amazing shape, but not as large as a true heavyweight boxer.
  • You Look Stronger
    You can appear more powerful if your body is stronger than it actually is. The stronger and more muscular you appear, regardless of your size, is the greater the definition of your muscles. These aren’t exclusive to each other. In general, being ripped is synonymous with athletic performance. It’s not necessary. While it is always beneficial to be strong and muscular, you don’t necessarily have to have large muscles if your goal is to become ripped.
  • It’s about the Discipline
    Being ripped can be very cool. People love having strong muscles. It’s an act of discipline. It takes a lot discipline to be able lose more calories than your body is consuming. Planning and consistency are key to success in your fitness program. Although being disciplined can be a great trait, it is much more satisfying to have tangible proof of your hard work. I mean, it’s not a better feeling than to go clothes shopping and find smaller clothes because your clothes are too big. Plus, being ripped can be very attractive.

Cons of Being Ripped

  • You Are Missing Foods That are “Bad For You”
    There are pros to everything. That includes being ripped. The greatest problem, at the least according to me, is the amount of discipline required. This can lead to feeling like you are missing out on a lot of really good, sweet, and fattening food. Sweet foods that are high in fat or sweet are calorie dense, but empty calories. Don’t forget alcohol. Burn more calories than you eat to be ripped. You should also watch what you are eating.
  • You Need Quality Sleep to Be Ripped
    Good sleep is an essential part of any type of fitness program. This means that you might be unable to participate in certain sports or events because it is too conflicting with your goals. It is not always possible. For you to truly be healthy and fit you must spend time with family and friends. However, it may sometimes be necessary to miss some important things.
  • You’re Always Monitoring Your Diet
    The biggest problem is that you need control over how much you eat. To stay trim, you need to eat less calories.
  • You Look Small When Dressed
    Another issue is that you may not always be able to show off your physique while dressed. There is an old joke that you can look good in one or both of your clothes for fitness. Basically, my point is that if a person isn’t ripped straight up, they don’t have enough size to show off their muscles in clothes. This is because, if you are just ripped and not jacked enough, you will have to wear clothes which are too short or too small to show your muscles. In order to showcase your hard work with clothes you’ll need to increase your height. It’s a funny con, but it’s true. It is more beneficial to have this issue, than a self-conscious one based only on size.

What Is “Jacked?”

Ok, so I may have been a bit lazy and dropped the “jacked”, before actually giving a full definition. You might have guessed what it meant if your ability to use context clues was good. Being jacked is about getting as big as your muscles can handle. This is sometimes referred to as “going bear style”.

Even though you won’t feel jacked if the whole day is spent on the couch enjoying bonbon, it could make you look quite large. It is possible to be jacked without being ripped by the sheer size and strength of strongman opponents. Good examples include:

  • Eddie Hall
  • Hafthor Bornsson (The Mountain of Game of Thrones series)
  • Hulk Hogan as he was in his prime

These men were not as ripped but more bulky. You see, although they were more in shape at different times, these men are still most notable for their lack of defined muscles.

Pros of Being Jacked

  • Jacked Guys Are Strong Men
    I like to refer to jacked to be strength-based fitness. The best thing about being jacked is that you gain strength.
  • Clothes Make You Look Good
    Although the benefits are great, it is possible to argue that being ripped is a disadvantage. Your clothes should fit properly. Being ripped will make it difficult to show off your muscle definition while wearing clothing. You’ll notice the huge muscles in your arms when you’re jacked.

Cons of Being Jacked

  • You Might Have Trouble with Endurance
    Health is more than being fit. There are many good things about fitness. The most serious con of being jacked, is the inability to maintain endurance. Is it possible that you can be jacked and still have amazing endurance? Yes. But it is far more common to spot big guys who have a large body and aren’t doing any cardio. Cardiovascular exercise can have other benefits than simply burning calories. This includes heart health. You can train your heart with endurance-based exercises. Healthy hearts are essential to a long-lasting life.
  • You Will Not Have a Six Pack
    A second problem with being jacked is the fact that you don’t have stunning abs to display at the beach. Or a pool if you’re landlocked. But, it is important to remember that there are more important things than being strong and tall.

What Does “Aesthetic” Mean?

Now, let’s get to the business of it. Attractiveness is achieved by being both big and having well-defined muscle mass. This is the most difficult figure to achieve. To achieve great results, you have to be very strict in your training and with your diet. This is just the beginning. It is important to have a healthy body.

That’s why bodybuilding has been made a sport. It is one thing to be strong. It’s a different thing to get really ripped. These male models can also be used to model for magazines that feature fitness, erotica, or any other avenues in which a male figure is desired. Most impressive is to be strong and ripped with strong proportions. This includes things like good shoulder/waist ratio, bicep/tricep/forearm proportions, etc.

Aesthetics: The Benefits

  • You Learn How to Make Your Body Work Better
    Achieving an attractive physique is difficult, so it’s a good thing you are dedicated to your craft. It’s a way of expressing how well you know your body and how skilled you can manipulate it to get the desired result.
  • It’s a Rewarding Journey
    A true journey to aesthetics is possible. It’s not easy, but it is possible. Being able to achieve any goal is something you should be proud of. If you are able to attain the beautiful physique, you’re really in winning mode.
  • Your Body Is Now a Marketing Asset
    The pro that most people overlook is that if they enjoy working out (which I presume you do, if you are aiming for this physique), they are constantly learning best practices and can turn their passion into a means to make money. It is possible to be a personal coach, model, and competitive bodybuilder at the same time. You also look good wearing clothes, because you’re ripped.

Cons of Being Aesthetic

  • Sacrifices Are Required
    The main drawback of being aesthetic is having to make significant sacrifices. Getting the job done right will take some effort. Combining them makes it almost impossible. People often choose to bulk up for colder months and then cut back during the summer. This is often what your competitors will do depending on when they are in-season.
  • You Can’t Let Your Dedication Waiver
    It’s not easy to be able to devote the time and energy to work out the numbers needed for caloric intake. Being an aesthetic person requires so much dedication, you’ll be spending hours in the weight room doing odd exercises to reach a small muscle that only matters in bodybuilding. The biggest obstacle to attaining a perfect aesthetic body is dedication.

Ripped vs Jacked and Aesthetic Conclusion

It’s great that you can experiment with different things, and then switch to something else if the results are not satisfying you. The most important thing is to find what your significant other enjoys.

You will find differences between these three:

  • Ripped means having incredible muscle definition
  • Jacked is all a matter of size and strength
  • Aesthetics refers to the combination of the two. It borders on being art.

When you are aiming to get fit, there is no wrong choice. You can also switch between body types. It’s not difficult to find examples. It’s a fun experiment that you can try if you’re capable.

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