What is a CrossFit gym and its advantages?

The variety of training complexes available today in any fitness club is staggering. It seems that it is impossible to find something new and unusual, but it is still possible. Today we will tell you about one of the most popular systems all over the world.

Crossfit’s circuit training system originated in the United States as a firefighter training system, but it quickly gained worldwide popularity outside of the profession as well. A large number of CrossFit tournaments are held each year, including world and European championships.

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is a circular workout (that is, exercises are constantly repeated as if in a circle), which consists of performing a specific set of exercises in a minimum amount of time. It has fundamental differences from conventional circuit training.

First, the complex uses the load, aimed at the development of several physical qualities such as strength, endurance, and agility. In this regard, CrossFit training is usually divided into three component parts: weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio.

Second, these workouts do not use isolated exercises on machines or with free weights. Crossfit training is as functional as possible. The training also includes basic weightlifting exercises. Just do not be frightened by the word “weightlifting”: squats, familiar to every woman, also belong to them. It is true, and without more complex exercises do not do without.

Be prepared to perform pulls, presses, jerks, thrusts, chest raises, and combinations of these exercises with weights, barbells, and dumbbells. Also include exercises with your own weight (bars, horizontal bar, rings, jumps, jumps, lunges) and endurance exercises such as running, jumping rope, cardio machines, swimming, cycling.

Third, there are no competitive exercises in CrossFit. At tournaments, athletes can perform different exercises and their combinations. Preparation is built on the development of various physical qualities on different days of training. For example a combination of strength and agility, endurance and agility, endurance and strength.

What is the difference between a CrossFit gym and a regular one?

The main difference is in the concept. In CrossFit, there are no big trainers, blocks, pulling, which take up a lot of space, as in the gym. The basic principle of CrossFit – free space, which uses free weights: barbells, dumbbells, weights, balls, and so on. Crossfit promotes that doing free weights is cool and effective. Why? When you lift something not fixed in space, you’re engaging a lot more muscles, because, in addition to lifting the weight, you need to stabilize yourself, not to drop the equipment, and not to fall over with it.

In CrossFit, the approach is the opposite. First, the coach explains all the movements, shows them, breaks them down by their simplest components, and half of the training time is allocated for this. Then the main training part – WOD (Workout of the day). This is a fundamental principle of CrossFit. The availability of a lot of equipment and daily changing workouts allow you to get rid of routine. Crossfit programs are rich and varied, and training is very interesting. Many gyms do not even publish their program, and clients learn about the training only when they come to the gym.

Advantages of CrossFit

The advantages of CrossFit training include a fairly short (30-60 minutes), but very effective workout. If you have little free time, CrossFit with its short intensive complexes can easily fit into your schedule.

The disadvantages of this training include only the point that the beginning of exercise is not up to you and the group schedule.

Crossfit is versatile, and that’s what appeals to people who are taking their first steps in fitness. No matter what your goals are, you will lose a lot of calories each workout and use all muscle groups to strengthen and make your whole body stronger. In CrossFit, you will become slimmer, stronger, more enduring, and more strong-willed.

Crossfit is very diverse and suitable for absolutely everyone, from small to large. In spite of the fact that the given training is characterized by high intensity, the trainer always doses the load to suit the physical capabilities of the athlete. And a large number of interesting exercises and a variety of unique complexes (WOD) will not let you get bored on training. Also unlike in the gym, in the CrossFit zone, you can compete with other athletes for the title of the fastest and strongest “crossfitter of the day”, which, of course, is highly motivating for results.

Where to Start CrossFit Training?

The CrossFit training concept can be called one of the best in the development of overall physical fitness. The individual complex is chosen based on the ability of the athlete and the equipment of the gym. In terms of equipment and size, Crossfit rooms are slightly different from conventional. But let’s not go into such details!

When getting started with circuit training, you should understand that CrossFit is a powerful and high-intensity workout. Many exercises require mastery of complex techniques, such as jerks, thrusts, and rings. To the untrained person, it is necessary to begin the training very attentively, necessarily under the supervision of the doctor and the trainer. It is necessary to understand that it is physiologically impossible to train different physical qualities as effectively as possible at the same time. Correctly distributed loads – this is a perfect physical preparation and good health.

To summarize, we want to say that both gym and crossfit are a great opportunity to make yourself better, more beautiful and stronger. And what suits you better – you decide. Consider both options, or even try them out, nothing wrong with that. The main thing is to train, do not lose motivation, listen and love your body, and the result will not make you wait long!

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