How to Build Muscle with Dumbbells

So you want to know how to build muscle with dumbbells mhm? You want to know the magic secret, well guess what, man? It’s exactly the same as with a barbell duh! Sure, maybe the way you lift is slightly different, but some dumbbell exercises are actually more effective!

Below I’m going to give you a list of some of the best dumbbell exercises known to man! So continue reading below to know how to build muscle with dumbbells! First off, it’s exactly the same way as you would with a barbell only differences are some of the exercises.

#1 Exercise

First off the bench press, you need to obviously use the dumbbell bench press but this has some advantages over the traditional barbell. For example, you cannot LIFT as much weight obviously, BUT you can go further down and increase the tension on the muscles now! This allows you to activate and of course recruit more muscle fibers, which of course leads to much bigger and dramatic muscle gains!

#2 Exercise

The next exercise is similar, it’s the incline bench press, I don’t believe in using a barbell for the incline bench press, I believe it “cuts” your movement too short and does not let you stimulate or recruit the same amount of muscle fibers that the dumbbells can do, therefore always incline with dumbbells anyway!

#3 Exercise

Overhead press, the dumbbell overhead press is excellent! It allows you to balance out your strength levels, keep your body under tension and it can lead to a dramatic amount of strength. I love dumbbells, but be careful on this exercise not to LEAN back! Too many guys do this and I’ve seen backs completely destroyed. Treat it with respect, leave ego at the door and you’ll be fine!

#4 Exercise

The dumbbell deadlift is another great exercise. It is perfect for building a great back and of course working the hamstrings and glutes. Make sure you use this exercise correctly in your routines if you wish to be as big as humanly possible.

#5 Exercise

Bent over rows are an obvious one, but I prefer kroc rows on a bench, really focusing on the back, and blasting out some really heavy reps. Kroc rows are fantastic and should be added to anyone’s routine.

Basic Training Rules

Basically, you train one hand first, so if we are doing an overhead press we do 12 reps with one hand, switch hands with another 12 reps. Same with curls, bench press, etc.

The reason for this is simply due to the fact you are doing the same amount of reps/weight it’s taking you twice as long leading to a much more anabolic response and calories being burned!

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