Lose Weight with Green Coffee Extract: Miracle Fat-Burner

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?

Chlorogenic acid is the component responsible for weight loss. When the beans are roasted, however, a substantial amount of this substance dissipates during the process, which explains why unroasted coffee beans are more effective for weight loss. Albeit they still contain a considerable amount of caffeine, which studies show can help boost the metabolism by 3% to 11%.

Some research has shown how chlorogenic acid can help in the reduction of carbohydrate absorption in the digestive tract, a fact that can lower the incidence of insulin spikes from sugar-converted carbohydrates. The chlorogenic acid seems to decrease the levels of blood sugar as well. If these claims are true, then it is safe to liken chlorogenic acid to a low-carbohydrate diet.

In studies conducted on laboratory mice, it was found that chlorogenic acid can reduce fat and excess weight in. Additionally, these studies revealed that chlorogenic acid is capable of decreasing the amount of fat that the liver stores by improving the function of adiponectin, the fat-burning protein hormone which the body naturally produces.

Studies have also shown how chlorogenic acid improves triglyceride and cholesterol levels in mice. Both triglyceride and cholesterol are considered crucial factors that lead to heart disease as well as other cardiovascular system-related conditions such as hypertension. In humans, green coffee bean extract has been used in controlled and randomized clinical trials.

These trials are the scientific gold standards by which an experiment may be proven successful. One such trial had 30 individuals, all overweight, with half of them given regular/instant coffee and the other half given the same kind of coffee with the addition of 200mg of green coffee bean extract for a period of 12 weeks.

The subjects in the latter group lost an average of 11.9 pounds or 5.4kg while the subjects in the former group lost only an average of 3.7 pounds or 1.7kg. These results came about even if there were no dietary changes or strenuous workouts imposed on both groups. The latter group’s percentage of body fat was down by 3.6% and only 0.7% in the latter group.

Other Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Numerous research showed the positive effects of green coffee bean extract on human bodies aside from its efficacy as a weight loss solution. The supplemental use of chlorogenic acid, as seen in animal studies, reduces glucose absorption, as mentioned, a fact that can play a significant role in how it can help diabetics manage their condition, especially those with Type II diabetes.

It may also have positive effects on the blood vessels. Doses from 140mg to 720mg have been shown to reduce blood pressure levels in both mice and humans. This is good news for individuals who may have a history of hypertension or high blood pressure and for those who are at high risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Bottom Line

Like other substances containing caffeine, green coffee bean extracts may have possible side effects that could include rapid heartbeats, jitters, anxiety, allergies, and dehydration since caffeine is a natural diuretic. Chlorogenic acid may have some laxative effect on some and cause them to have diarrhea. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is best not to take it.

Because the extract has not been proven safe for both pregnant and breastfeeding women, it should be avoided by these groups in the meantime until conclusive evidence shows otherwise. Caffeine may also react with other medications or supplements because of its stimulant properties.

The bottom line is, consult a physician before embarking on any weight loss program, including one which will require the ingestion of something as powerful as a green coffee bean extract. And although it has worked for a good number of weight watchers and dieters, it should not be looked at as a quick fix or an overnight cure.

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