How to Build Upper Body Muscle

So you want to know how to build upper body muscle? That’s perfect, let’s be logical, I’m going to assume that you are obviously EATING correctly already, and by that, I mean a high protein diet, and your choice of a high fat/low fat, high carb/low carb diet. The choice there is yours.

I’m also going to assume you are doing exercises correctly, leaving your ego at the door and not trying to lift more weight than you evidently can, and I’m also going to look at the other aspect, you try to get stronger every session, you don’t just stick to weight because it’s “easy” like too many guys out there do.

Right now we’ve got that out of the way let’s talk about how to build upper body muscle, shall we? First off, we have a few king exercises:

  • The bench press
  • The weighted dip
  • The wide grip pull up
  • The chin up
  • And even the deadlift have a huge role in this.

How to build upper body muscle

Obviously, for our arms we want some other good exercises, doing a heavy bench press and a good set of chin-ups WILL build your biceps and triceps to a great degree, but of course, we want more. How do we do this I hear you asking? Well, we use exercises like the close grip bench press.

The close grip bench press is a great exercise for building the triceps of course and then we have the basic barbell curl, which is a great way to build up the arms (do not swing on every set and do that stupid thing all the teenagers do who want to lift more weight!). Instead, learn how to train and lift properly.

First off there is a few “tricks” we can have up our sleeves if we want to create a GREAT body and build our upper body faster Supersetting the chest and back, and supersetting triceps and biceps is always a GREAT idea. Here is an example:

  • A1 Bench press 5 sets of 5
  • A2 Pull-up 5 sets of 5

What we do is bench press for 5 sets of 5 reps really pushing ourselves. We have a 1:30 break (that’s 1 minute and thirty seconds!). Then we go to the set of pull-ups. We blast out 5 more reps we have a break again and go to the bench press, etc.

You will find you can actually LIFT more weight this way than you normally could! We’d go to our second set of exercises which could say:

Weighted dips 3 sets of 10 and bent over rows 3 sets of 10, etc.

Use your imagination if you want to know how to build upper body muscle then you need to be creative! You can do the same with the biceps and triceps, with ease, so be creative, a set of close grip bench press followed by curls is an easy example. This is one of the best ways to build upper body muscle but of course, there are other ways.

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