Reasons Why Steroids Should Be Legalized in Pro Sports

The legalization of steroids has been the subject of countless debates ever since the Anabolic Steroid Control Act was passed and the blanket on anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs was implemented by major sports leagues and associations.

But even with the ban going on, many professional athletes are still using PEDs and anabolic steroids. Several of our favorite athletes were either suspended or totally banned from their games. Those who perform exceptionally well and make record-breaking feats are held on suspicion of using illegal substances. When a team loses, a popular reason as to why they’re defeated is, “Well, the other team is using steroids. That’s why!”

But let’s face it – steroids aren’t going away anytime soon. Athletes will keep using them and those who say they’re clean probably just manage not to get caught. Major sports organizations say that they banned steroids to level the playing field, but the truth is the playing field will never be even. Some teams will always have an unfair advantage over the others, steroids or no steroids, simply because they have better training, better coaches, and better equipment. And banning the use of steroids just adds to the unfairness of professional competitions.

Besides, suspensions and other punishments given to those guilty of steroid use have done very little to reduce the number of athletes who are using steroids to enhance their performance. Every year, roughly the same number of cyclists, baseball players, and other athletes are caught ‘cheating’. Why? Because steroids work! And they aren’t as harmful as what the government or the media portray them to be.

Steroids don’t just improve and enhance the performance of professional athletes. They also help them recover from injuries and withstand the physical abuse that their chosen sports subject them to. Professional baseball players play around 150 games each year. It would definitely be a miracle if they could play as much without the help of steroids and PEDs. Considering the injuries they get each game, they shouldn’t be able to heal so fast without steroids.

Steroids aren’t that bad at all! There are hundreds of other things that are more harmful than steroids. Hell, even processed foods and alcohol pose far more serious health risks than steroids. The only thing that’s making them potentially dangerous is banning them – which results in misinformed use and abuse. Banning steroids and labeling them as controlled substances just push people to make shady deals in the black market and use steroids the wrong way.

Legalize steroids and athletes can have access to the right information and education they need to use these substances correctly. Their coaches and doctors can guide them on which PEDs to take and how much to consume. It will be much safer for everyone to take them because they can make informed and guided decisions when it comes to steroids and PEDs.

Professional sports associations can better regulate steroid use and they won’t have to spend too much time, effort, and money with expensive doping tests that athletes easily sidestep with designer drugs. Major sports leagues and other sanctioning bodies won’t have to suspend or ban brilliant players just because they use steroids to maximize their abilities.

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