If Baseball Allowed Steroids…

If baseball allowed steroids as a legal and regulated substance in baseball, there will surely be a lot of names worth remembering in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Let’s admit it. The grand roster in the Baseball Hall of Fames is incomplete. It is like a reminder of the seeming moral crisis that the greatest players of all time were only made great because of steroids. I beg to differ.

Prior to suspending players when they test positive on steroids, there seems to be no problem at all with players taking steroids and performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). To say that steroids and PEDs make great players is saying that all of those taking steroids should have been in the Hall of Fame, but obviously, this is not the case. Not every steroid-using baseball player in the major league are great. But there are great players who cannot be inducted to the Hall of Fame because either they admitted to using steroids and PEDs or were rumored to be using them.

If baseball allowed steroids, then the expressed concerns that the election and its board are turning a blind eye on the achievements of the greatest players can be put to rest. Let’s face it. They were only tainted because they were great names worthy of airtime and they were honest enough to admit that steroids and PEDs contributed to their abilities. From my point of view, these baseball players are just the best spokesperson to how to use steroids for athletic purposes. If steroids were to be made legal and regulated, then there would be proper monitoring, tracking and administering of these drugs. I bet that it is not only steroids that made them great. These greatest hitters and pitchers won’t even be the greatest if they were not greater than their peers.

There should at least be a reconsideration that needs to be made. Else, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is not doing its part into preserving the real history of America’s most beloved game. I mean, didn’t we all learn from history? Be it about plagues or wars?

Also, if there is any single baseball player who never even for once drank, took, or sought any drugs, legal or illegal, come forward. They all are taking their own brew to stay on top of their game. They are doing the best way that they know how to not lose their million dollar contracts for playing a game that they now pursue as their career and livelihood.

If baseball allowed steroids, the fans will no longer have to discuss and fight over who is the greatest. They can have two categories. The greatest among players who were on steroids, and those who were not using them.

If baseball allowed steroids, there would be a better way to take care of these renowned players. Anyone can be well-supervised to make sure that the right dosage is being administered while they go their usual training days, workouts, and routines.

If baseball allowed steroids, then there is no more lying among the baseball players. The question would be what regimen are they using with the least side effects? Isn’t this a good way to further elevate the drug as to the positive results that it’s meant to do?

So, what would happen to the names of Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGwire who made almost everyone to secure seats or make sure they watch each season and even reruns? And how about Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Pete Rose? Is using steroids an absolute unforgivable crime that their names won’t be remembered and immortalized at all?

Only if baseball allowed steroids will baseball history and historical records be given its naked absolute truth.

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