Monday, August 15, 2022

Steroid Sports: Shall Steroids Become Legal?

Steroids and sports go hand in hand these days, and it’s no real surprise, whether it be high school, semi-pro, or professional sports, one thing that is demanded from us is excellence. We need to be the best. Now while I will never support anyone under the age of 21 using anabolic steroids, I do not see a problem with anyone, especially pro athletes and sportsmen using steroids and I will explain why below.

We demand that athletes improve on a daily basis, we demand that they give us their all, we demand that they give us 110% on the field or whatever they do. As soon as we have the best player in the world we are looking for his successor, someone who can break all of his records and this isn’t possible. There is only so much the human body is capable of doing, there is only so much we can “naturally do.” So these brave athletes (yes, brave) take anabolic steroids so they can achieve new unnatural feats. While again, I don’t support steroid abuse, Steroid usage, however, is a completely different ball game, so to speak.

If we made anabolic steroids legal (I’ve already spoken about how this would help fix the economy, the tax charge, the money made SAFETY, and medical advances) we’d be looking at profits of billions, not millions, a great way to fix the economy indeed. We’d also see more doctors with jobs and hires, especially those in the sports industry, which would make the USAGE of steroids safer and easier to handle.

Why make it illegal when guys are just going to abuse it and use it uneducated when you can make it legal, safe, and I could keep going on and on with the positives. Athletes would continue to break records probably MUCH better than they currently do now even! We’d see a dramatic improvement in athletes and in patients suffering from arthritic problems.

To be honest, do you really care if the guy playing baseball for your team is using anabolic steroids? Or is the guy playing football is? As long as your team is winning and no one is getting hurt and we are watching better and better performances what does it matter?

Will this encourage teens to take anabolic steroids? No more than they currently do. No more than teenagers wanting to drink or use recreational drugs, basically, the situation would stay exactly as it is NOW, nothing would get worse!

While this isn’t the most in-depth article I felt I covered another side of the story and made some good points. If you were playing soccer or your favorite team were the player jumps up on the 90th minute and knocks the ball in the net with his hand over your rivals, you scream “Yeah!!!! Yeah!!!” It was great. Yet if someone is using anabolic steroids somehow that’s worse and they are cheating? LOL, it’s insanity, isn’t it?

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