How to Prevent Steroid Abuse

Admittedly, there were steroid users who were recorded as bordering on and actual steroid abusers who eventually succumbed to fatalities. However, it is important to note that only a minuscule portion is directly attributed to steroids alone. Most of the cases were due to overdoses or misuse of other drugs but were attributed to steroids only because they were using steroids. If I were to make an analogy, it would be saying that the addictive element in alcohol is ice, because regardless of variety, ice is the common factor. Of course, I am stretching it a bit, but you know what I mean.

The ban, for sure, disseminated one-sided information that did not address what existing users needed to know to avoid abuse. I understand that they want no one to use it, but anabolics are drugs, with proven healing and strengthening abilities. In the meantime, here’s what you can self-implement to ensure that you stay on the safe and positive side of steroids.

1 Be familiar with the counterfeits

You can detect a counterfeit because of the effects. It gives you the side effects, which, okay, thanks to the ban, you have a lot of information on, without the promised gains. Counterfeit steroids are like counterfeit products. There are unmistakable mistakes in the packaging. To be familiar with counterfeits is to be familiar with how legitimate steroids are boxed. This way, you know if the label is a bit off the sides instead of dead-on on the center.

2 Regulate Dose and Frequency

Our body can only absorb much steroids for only a certain period of time. For dosage, it is important to note that if there are no available natural resources in the body that can accept, absorb, and utilize the steroids you are using, then the unused steroids in the body can be harmful. Also, discontinue steroids at some point in the cycle. The body needs to restore its natural hormone production. Not taking time off from steroids is taxing as well to the liver and the kidneys as these organs may become overused and overtime, malfunctioning. Monitor how your body responds so you know how much your body can take.

3 Master Diet and Nutrition

Steroids cannot do their work without proper food intake. Just like how our natural steroids in the body need hormone precursors, their derivatives also need the calories, protein, and carbohydrates in our diet. Healthy and nutritious food is not just a fad, it is a must. Steroids are ineffective without a complementary healthy and fit diet.

4 Do Your Share of the Work

One cause of abuse is that users tend to let steroids do all the work. If they do not see any effective results, they tend to increase intake which, as mentioned above, is very risky. What they forget is that steroids can’t enhance muscles if not coupled with workouts and exercises. Progress is evident after training the body to properly use the introduced steroids. Without proper training, there is nothing for steroids, and it becomes a total waste.

5 Maintain a Regular Date with the Doctor

No one can observe your steroid use more than the results of your own lab results. If in case you go the route of proper maintenance, make sure that you do regular blood work. This way, you can track and monitor your own body’s response to steroids. If by chance your body is taking a toll regardless of the decreased usage, then stop using. Steroids may not work for you. Think of it as having a steroid allergy and the only way to go is to avoid it.

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