11 Ways to Make Your Workout More Joint Friendly

There are many ways that one can work out in the gym nowadays. New exercises and more awareness have made it possible to train in the gym in a variety of different ways. Resistance training, full-body workouts, weight training, the list can go on and on.

However, what is really important is that we must be aware of how such workouts affect our bodies. Thousands of people go to the doctor complaining about pains that originated in the gym. Exercises like the leg throw, the sit-up, etc, can cause a lot of injuries, especially to the back muscles. There is no way to emphasize how much workouts affect our joints, one of the most crucial parts of our skeleton as they are essentially holding the human body together.

It is imperative that the workout routine one follows in the gym is joint-friendly because exercise and weight training can have a debilitating effect on them. So people tend to endure the pain or try painkillers and other medicine to keep it at bay. Without proper care, joints can become weak, leading to terrible problems like Arthritis and Bursitis. This causes severe pain in the joints. Avoid all such long-term problems by following these 11 ways to make your workout more joint-friendly.

Always warm up before a workout

There are many people in the gym who simply refuse to warm up before a workout and who can blame them, warming up seems like a hassle and an obstacle between you and your workout. But whoever says that warming up before a workout is overrated and isn’t beneficial is very much in the wrong. Nothing beats a good warm-up as it increases blood flow in the body and kind of ‘activates’ the muscles in the body making them ready for the strenuous exercise they are about to do. This helps prevent joint pain.

Stop doing it if something feels wrong

One rule that everybody agrees on when attending the gym is to leave the ego at the door. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed by stepping down from an exercise that doesn’t feel right or might cause an injury. Stop doing any exercise immediately if it is causing discomfort or pain in the joints. Always consult a physician before starting the gym so he/she can provide you with the go-ahead.

Keep your form perfect

This is important to protect joints from any damage. Try keeping a good stable posture when doing exercises. Thousands of people suffer from joint pain simply because of the incorrect stance they use when exercising. Ask a gym trainer or Google the perfect stances for all desired exercises. Be smooth in the exercise motions and avoid bouncing around.

Free weights over machines

Free weights are said to be much better and joint-friendly than machines. This is because machines offer little to no freedom of movement for our joints by making them work in only one direction. On the other hand, free weights using dumbbells, barbells, etc. offer much more mobility.

Choose the best cardio

This is also important as cardio has a lot of effect on the condition of the joints. High-powered and intense cardio workouts like HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) can have a strenuous impact on the joints. Know your body best so pick the appropriate cardio workout that will be least stressful on the joints.

Choose good running shoes

If a person believes that it isn’t important to have a proper set of running shoes then they are horribly incorrect. Running shoes can have a huge impact on the condition of the joints. They can help decrease pressure applied to the joints, minimize joint pain, provide supportive cushioning, etc.

Keep things fresh

An easy way to keep joints safe from problems is to constantly keep changing workout routines. This will reduce the burden on the joints and such a change in exercise is essential to stay motivated and keep losing weight. So every 2 weeks or so, just change the exercises to keep the joints fresh.

The right tea

Believe it or not, this is a great way to prevent joint problems. Tea is a delicious drink that has many healing properties. Choosing the right tea can be a problem though, so go for Kou Tea. It has a blend of four potent teas (oolong tea, white tea, green tea, and Pu-erh tea) that mix together for a great taste that helps cut appetite, shed weight, and provide relief from joint pain. It has Vitamin A, C, and E and minerals such as calcium and potassium as ingredients that help make it a very effective tea. Obviously, it is free of any kind of side effect, 100% safe to consume.

Avoid high speed reps

Some people prefer high-speed reps in their exercises to make their workout more extreme. This isn’t joint-friendly as quick motions with weights can damage joints terribly and even result in a joint lock.

Take time to recover

After an injury of some sort, don’t try and rush back into the gym. Let your body naturally heal itself and get back into a perfect working position. Working out while injured would increase stress on joints making them weak. Only hit the gym after a full recovery to avoid further injury.

Take proper supplements

Taking proper supplements can be extremely beneficial. One of the best and most effective supplements available today is Garcinia Extra.

  • It works to suppress hunger, enhance mood and burn fat. Moreover, it provides the body with nutrients that it requires.
  • This helps keep the joints strong and mobile.
  • It is caffeine free and has natural ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia 500 mg, Calcium 25 mg, Chromium 100 mcg and Potassium 25 mg.
  • These combine to provide the body with high levels of energy and increases serotonin levels while blocking fat production.

By following these 11 rules, one can easily make their workout more joint-friendly and prevent terrible problems in the future. Taking care of the joints is extremely essential so get started immediately.

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