5 Leg Exercises to Sky Rocket Testosterone

Every bodybuilder, whether pro or amateur, wants to increase their levels of testosterone. In fact, pretty much every guy wants to increase their testosterone levels. And this is for good reason: testosterone is the male hormone and it’s responsible for all the things that make a man more masculine and more ‘alpha’. This includes muscular power as well as lower body fat: so if you can increase your levels of T, you’ll look much more like Mr Olympia.

How to Boost Testosterone Safely

There are tons of different things you can do to increase your testosterone. This is actually how steroids affect the body, though of course these also have some serious side effects not to mention being illegal. Worse, they can eventually ruin your body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally, leaving you with rock-bottom levels of it by default and making you reliant on HRT for the rest of your life.

Supplements with natural testosterone-boosting components are a great alternative way to boost testosterone safely and they really do work – but you can take this even further by using the right exercises in the gym.

The thing is, simply working out is actually one of the very most effective ways to raise T – and the more intensive your workouts and the more compound, the more muscle you’ll burn.

That last point is important: it is compound exercises that really increase testosterone. Any exercise that involves more muscle will result in more testosterone. And the best exercises for using maximum muscle? Those would be leg moves…

Here are some leg exercises that will really get your T flowing.

The Moves

Squats: Squats are by far one of the most powerful and compound movements that you can use in order to build testosterone. That’s because they let you really load up the weight and they incorporate all of the leg muscles to drive through the heel. To perform these for maximum testosterone benefit, just grab a heavyweight that will challenge you and squat deep.

Bodyweight Squats: Bodyweight variations in squats can also build a lot of testosterone in just the same way. To make sure this move is challenging enough though, you’re going to need to make it more difficult. Try moving slower, for instance, or using one leg. Another variation is one you can do just with your bodyweight. Jumping squats activate fast-twitch muscle fiber as you try to explosively launch yourself into the air. As far as your body is concerned, acceleration is actually the same as resistance!

Lunge Steps: Lunges are a fantastic move you can use anywhere to drive up your T and to build strong quads, hamstrings, and glutes. To make them more enjoyable and challenging even without the weight, use lunge steps in order to step through each repetition and to travel around the room as you do so.

Calf Raises: Never forget the calves when training your legs! A great way to work out the calves is with raises and calf ‘pulses’. Step onto an elevated platform such as a weight plate with your heels hanging over the edge. Let your calf stretch all the way to the ground and then ‘pulse’ upward.

For maximum benefit, perform four sets of each of these moves for around 10-12 reps, up to 15-20 for bodyweight squats.

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