Exercises to Build Leg Muscles

Below are some of the best exercises to build leg muscles and by best I mean the ones that work and make you turn those little sparrow legs into huge wheels, you know the kind that if you wear shorts girls are looking you up and down and just wanting some? Exactly!

So let’s look at the best exercises to build leg muscles then!

First Off – The Squat

Yes, the squat is excellent, it is a brilliant exercise to build muscle mass. The squat uses more muscle than any other exercise out there FACT. It works just under 400 different muscle groups! Gasp! Yes, not bad eh?

It activates and recruits the most muscle fibers in the body, especially the type 2 fast-twitch muscle fibers! If this was not ideal enough! It gets much more exciting! It doesn’t matter if you are natural or on anabolic steroids by doing this exercise you will also give yourself the biggest release of hormones possible!

Not Bad, Eh?

So let’s look at exactly how the squat works, the full legs, hamstrings, glutes, quads, It works the STOMACH muscles to a tremendous degree and is great for 6 pack abs. If you can tell me another exercise that is more deserved of being on the list of exercises to build leg muscles then I’d love to hear it, because this exercise is usually the best exercise EVER for anything, let alone legs!

Exercise Number 2 to Build Leg Muscles – The Deadlift

Deadlifting is essential for anyone wanting to create a huge sexy pair of legs, it’s also great for keeping their body balanced and preventing injury, also you can’t deadlift heavy without developing one of the biggest, backs out there! And anyone who is anyone knows how much girls love a guy with a good back, (and yes ladies, we love girls with good sexy backs too). So hold this to your head on exercises to build leg muscles!

The Next One on the List – The Leg-Press

Leg press is a great exercise, if you have it, it’s a bonus, it’s not an essential, but it will let you work your legs and push them in a way you can’t normally do! The leg press is a fabulous exercise overall for building muscle and of course building strength! I like to use it at the END of the leg training session to finish it off with

Other Great Leg Exercises That Are Essential Include Sumo Deadlift

I often do sumo deadlift then 5 days later, the regular deadlift, then back to sumo rotating, and this allows me to continue going up in strength while not completely destroying and tiring out my lower back!

Best Exercises to Build Leg Muscles

The stiff leg deadlift is also a great essential exercise for the legs, but if you have lower back pain, you should do your best to avoid it, for now, I’d also take a look at single-leg squats and pistols if you want to build a ridiculous amount of muscle fast. This is the exercise for you!

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