Steroids’ Side Effects

Below I wish to go into further detail on the side effects you may encounter while on an anabolic steroid cycle. I think it’s important we have a realistic understanding of what could possibly arise in a worst-case scenario.

Obviously, the steroids’ side effects that we are after are building muscle, gaining strength, and of course, losing fat. But unfortunately, there is a possibility of some negative side effects occurring. Such as acne, testicular dysfunction, and of course baldness. However, only certain anabolic steroids can cause a loss of hair, testosterone won’t, Deca won’t, and any DHT steroids will.

For example, many people suffer from hair loss on Masteron which is a great anabolic steroid to use when you are cutting and wanting to look “ripped.” It will probably only add 1-3lbs of muscle. But it has been proven to help with using fatty acids for energy, which of course leads to dramatic fat loss. Add this in with its amazing ability to harden muscles, and you can see why I am such a huge fan of this product. If you want to look big and ripped, this is the perfect steroid for you.

Unfortunately, it can, in rare cases, lead to hair loss. Something you should consider if you love your hair. Steroid side effects aren’t always that bad. For example, when taking testosterone for the first time, I wondered if I was going to get acne, the worst I ever got was a bit of acne on my calf of all places. I got rid of this easily enough and it wasn’t noticeable. It’s very rare to have a huge break out in the face and there are plenty of things you can purchase to PREVENT this. In fact, I will be doing a full article on what products you can use to prevent any acne side effects.

Steroids’ side effects can also include anger, especially on testosterone, Dianabol, Tren, Anadrol, Cheque drops, etc. While some anger is good, it depends on how you can handle it. If you’re a fighter and putting more aggression into your training then it’s great, or if you’re a bodybuilder putting more aggression into his bench press, a powerlifter on the deadlift, etc. But if you go out and someone bumps into you wrong and apologizes and you beat him to an inch of his life then it’s obviously not a good thing.

Steroids’ side effects can include a host of different things and I feel it’s important we look through this and work hard to understand what possible side effects could occur.

Steroids’ side effects are something we all want to avoid obviously and I feel they are easy to avoid when we educate ourselves. These anabolic drugs are no different from what you can buy over the counter or a doctor prescribes in some instances. The way we use them is what matters and educating ourselves.

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