Did Carl Weathers Take Steroids?

For those who don’t know who Carl Weathers is, he is Apollo Creed – Rocky Balboa’s adversary (source) in Rocky and Rocky II who eventually became Rocky’s friend in Rocky III and died in Rocky IV. It was a whole other lifetime ago for Carl Weathers but fans and some curious others are still, up to today, asking if he took steroids back in those days.

The question somehow is just how fans and critics alike have this tendency to relive characters and personalities especially when there is a movie coming up. All the more, if it’s the latest in a series like Creed.

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Creed is a Rocky spin-off about the grandson of Apollo Creed as he pursues a career in the ring. Since Carl Weathers’ character died in Rocky IV, he won’t be reprising his role, but Sylvester Stallone will and now as Apollo Creed’s grandson’s trainer. Personally, I like this spin better than seeing a Rocky grandson for Rocky VII.

Since the project was announced last year, I keep abreast with any news of its progress. However, there is no latest news yet as to when it will be shown, but hopes are high that it will be early this year.

Carl Weathers, turning 65 this year, played football before he ventured into the movies. This may be another reason why questions about using steroids also come up. Athletes are presumed to get into their game with the help of steroids. When he appeared in testosterone-fueled movies like the Rocky films and Predator, among others, and his built looked more massive each time, one question that remained afloat was, “Is he on steroids?”

In the bodybuilding circle, Carl Weathers is known to have trained with Vince Gironda, a master trainer and named the Iron Guru. The later apparently did not give consent to his student’s steroid use. The late Vince Gironda would rather throw any erring students away from the gym if they train with steroids. Gironda would want his students to train as hard as they can, as long as they can, drug-free.

The actor also weathered any negative criticisms when he had his starring role in Action Jackson. But it is his versatility that would be more remembered especially those who rallied behind him, though at a disadvantaged. Although he is not running for mayor, a website was set up by a dismayed citizen but an avid Carl Weathers believer, campaigning Carl Weathers for Mayor in New Orleans. The website’s sentiment then was, “…Mr. Weathers would be an ideal candidate to bring real change to our city.

He is a patriot, spending his free time helping train our troops in simulated Iraqi villages in California. He is a civic supporter, volunteering with organizations like Big Brother. He is a patron of the athletic arts, serving on the U.S. Olympic Committee helping young athletes further their careers. New Orleans needs a leader who is not seeking office for personal gain through wealth or fame. But rather someone who only wants what is best for our city.”

And who would forget his own “Carl Weathers for Governor: He was the black guy in Predator” campaign in Saturday Night Live? So, did Carl Weathers take steroids? Maybe, he didn’t. He was already big back then. Given the “required” time and training that actors get prior to filming, I would say that Carl Weathers simply underwent a workout that accentuated his already massive physique. Or maybe he did, just so he could muscle up to the looks that Schwarzenegger was carrying in the filming of Predator.

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  1. Was Carl Weathers a real Boxer?

    Carl Weathers is an actor best known for his role as Apollo Creed in the Rocky movie franchise. Although he portrays a boxer in the films, Weathers did not have a professional boxing career in real life.

  2. How did Carl Weathers lose his arm?

    Carl Weathers did not lose an arm. His two arms remain intact and there is no record of him ever having one missing.

  3. Was Apollo Creed Natural?

    As Apollo Creed is a fictional character in the Rocky movie franchise, it is impossible to determine if he was naturally gifted or not. However, Carl Weathers who portrays Apollo Creed was once an NFL player and has not been reported as having used performance-enhancing drugs during his athletic career.

  4. Was Ivan Drago on steroids?

    As a fictional character, it is uncertain whether Ivan Drago used steroids or not. In the movie Rocky IV, there is speculation that he may have been part of a state-sponsored doping program, though this assertion lacks any real-life evidence to back it up.

  5. Did Carl Weathers train for Rocky?

    Yes, Carl Weathers underwent intense training for his role as Apollo Creed in the Rocky movie franchise. He worked with professional trainers to learn boxing techniques and enhance his physical fitness to accurately portray a skilled boxer onscreen.

  6. Was Carl Weathers a real athlete?

    Yes, Carl Weathers was a real athlete before embarking on his acting career. Before playing football for San Diego State University and signing with the Oakland Raiders, he was released before playing in any regular-season game. Following his football career, Weathers turned professional boxing and won two Golden Glove titles before turning professional with an overall record of 7 wins and 2 losses before retiring.

  7. What happened to Carl Weathers career?

    Carl Weathers is a retired American actor and former professional football player best known for his roles in the Rocky and Predator film franchises. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Weathers continued acting in movies and television shows until 2000; however his career took a slight detour during that decade; nevertheless he continued appearing in various roles on both screens and stage, including one recurring role on Chicago Justice in 2017.

  8. Why did Carl Weathers leave Rocky?

    Carl Weathers did not leave the Rocky franchise; rather, his character Apollo Creed was killed off in Rocky IV. Weathers has stated in interviews that it was time for him to move on and was eager to move on with other projects. Since then, Weathers has enjoyed a successful acting career that includes roles in multiple movies and TV shows.

  9. Are the training scenes in Rocky real?

    Rocky's training scenes were choreographed and acted out by the actors, though they weren't necessarily representative of real boxing drills. To portray boxers realistically on screen, however, the actors underwent rigorous physical training as well as conditioning. Furthermore, real boxers served as extras and technical advisors to make sure these scenes appeared as authentic as possible.

  10. Are Stallone and Carl Weathers friends?

    It's worth noting that both Sylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers have expressed positive opinions of each other in interviews, as well as having collaborated on multiple projects together – including the Rocky film franchise.

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