Using Grapefruit to Lose Weight: Fact or Fiction?

Oh boy, when I decided to do my next lot of questions, I was scared to read what had been sent to me! I mean, after all, I get so many stupid questions compared to the good ones that get asked, but alas, I’m going to answer this question: “Is using grapefruit to lose weight Fact or Fiction?”.

Fiction. How can it lead to weight loss? Lol to lose weight you need to get fewer calories in than out if you are not losing weight on say 2000 a day and you add in 300 calories of grapefruit to your diet then you will GAIN weight – fact.

Not to say Grapefruit is bad for you that’s just the facts of the matter. It always makes me laugh when people say things like Using Grapefruit to Lose Weight Fact or Fiction because honestly, how could it? When we sit down and just think logically about how everything works, you don’t need to be an athlete like me or a bodybuilder, you just need common sense.

I’ve seen people say “eating berries every day causes weight loss!!” There are books on everything out there and honestly, it’s just to MAKE money out of you, not to help you, not to see you succeed it’s simply to see you waste your money and make someone else a hell of a lot of money! So to answer the question Using Grapefruit to Lose Weight Facts or Fiction, FICTION! And that is the real fact.

How can you lose weight quickly within a week or a few days?

This is a hard question, are you wanting to lose fat? Or weight? There is a massive difference. If you are asking me how to lose weight quickly, then simply spend 5 days drinking 8 gallons of water every day, Do cardio every day too, and then do not drink water for a few days you’ll piss it all out and lose around 4-5lbs extra you can also use diuretics to get more out of you.

If you are asking how to lose fat, well it depends, in a week I could make the average person lose 4-5lbs of fat, but the problem comes with how much do you want to lose? And for what goal, setting a week limit is idiotic and going to lead you to failure, unless you are doing It for a photoshoot and already at low body fat, but if this is the case you should know all the tips and tricks required to lose that extra bit of fat!

Can you lose weight without eating?

Ah, the stupidest one comes out last! Yep, you can, I mean eventually first your body forces you to HOLD onto fat to well prevent its self from dying, so your body uses your muscles for energy, and you begin storing fat, so basically you get Skinny arms, legs, everywhere but this fat belly so you look hideous, oh and then after this your skin due to having no nutrients gets in terrible condition, you get loose chicken skin and fat all over and then the best part! Are you ready? You begin to age and look ridiculously ugly.

Oh and then you die! Yep, so yeah that is probably the stupidest way to lose weight especially when you can lose weight by eating healthy, enjoying food, and eating often! Oh with good exercises and training.

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