Can You Lose Weight by Eating Nothing but Yogurt and Fruit and Exercising?

Welcome to this one question and answer session. I hope there are some questions on here that I am able to answer that you find helpful and, well, useful!

Can you lose weight by eating nothing but yogurt and fruit and exercising?

This has to be one of the most ridiculous and insane questions I’ve had asked me on the questions and answer sections so far. Of course, you can, unfortunately, your performance will be lower and you won’t lose “fat” you’ll lose weight, what’s the difference? Well, because you have no protein or good fats, your hormones won’t work correctly, man or woman.

So you’ll get LOOSE skin, you’ll get flakey skin, and finally, you will begin to eat muscle rather than fat, so at first, you’ll keep that little fat belly while losing muscle on your arms and legs causing loose skin and cellulite to sound sexy? Sounds like a good idea?

Not really right?

Instead, try a high-quality protein diet with low to medium carbs and medium essential fats! This will cause you to build muscle, lose fat and of course look damn GOOD.

Something we could all do with right? And for your training to do heavy compound lifts, this causes an increase in the natural hormones that cause you to lose more weight and build muscle IE preventing loose skin and keeping you looking great! To lose weight faster use some circuits and go between 3-4 heavy compounds.

These are basic tips and advice and I hope they help you out.

Q: Does donating blood help you lose weight?

A: No. It does plenty of other things though like save lives and help people out who are in need. It makes you a better person and if more donated blood we’d have a lot more lives being saved, but now it is idiotic to think that donating blood will cause you to lose weight. Unless you count whatever they take of the blood as losing weight, which is still just as idiotic.

Q: Can you lose weight by eating celery?

A: No, eat green vegetables and high antioxidant foods to help with weight loss, celery is an empty food and by simply adding it to your diet you will not see any kind of fat loss, how could you? Take time to think logically and ahead for a minute. Using some common sense does it make any sense whatsoever to think celery could cause you to lose weight? No, it doesn’t? Well! Let’s move on then to another question!

Q: Will making the morning bagel help you lose weight?

A: Alright I don’t know how to respond to this one besides doing this will make you fat and you will NOT lose any weight Eating a bagel in the morning for weight loss is probably the stupidest and most unintelligent post I’ve received on here, and I have received a lot of them!

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