How to Get a “V Taper”

The “V” shape. The “V taper,” a body that males young and old all seem to desire. But what exactly is the V taper, and how exactly can you get it?

The “V” taper refers to the shape the stomach and torso make when someone is in the low body fat range, along with having a nice amount of muscle mass. If you put on muscle, but you have fat covering it up, you look bulky. If you cut fat but don’t have muscle, you look skinny. But what happens if you hit the magic formula? You put on muscle and lose fat? The torso forms the shape of what looks similar to the letter “V.” To get this requires muscular shoulders and lats, and finally, a very narrow waist, caused by low body fat.

Now the question arises: How to get a V Taper

The “V” taper refers to the shape the torso takes when someone is in great physical shape. The torso forms the shape of the letter “V” with broad shoulders and lats down to a narrow waist.

One of the first goals of new bodybuilders (I.e. guys just starting to workout) is, quite often, how to get that V taper as fast as humanly possible.

And who is to blame them? 6 pack abs that all the girls and guys love? The look it gives you, making you appear larger than you are, and certainly looking better than 99% of the population.

The thing that most individuals tend to forget about the V taper is that it is all about proportion. If you make your waist smaller by doing things such as, cardio, dieting, and supplementing, is highly recommended for this, due to the fact you can easily lose 5 to 8lbs per week) (link to buy clen here) If you do these things, then of course your shoulders will look much more broad and muscular, and your lats will of course appear a lot wider.

There are two ways to get a V-taper, the easy and fast way and the slow and hard way. We will begin with the fast and easy way.

The human body does, of course, have a natural V taper. If your body fat is low, I’d say around 10% in a male or 12% in a female, you can begin to see this. But If you are overweight, you still have an “A” taper, it’s just simply better known as a pear-shape. If this is you, don’t think it’s impossible to get that V taper. All you have to do to get the body of your dreams and a V taper is to reduce your body fat—Usuall down to the 8% area. Losing fat can be done at a very rapid pace.

How long will it take me? Of course, this question all depends on your body weight. So it’s hard to say. With cardio and diet alone, let’s say you start at 25% body fat, It can take between 3 to 6 months.

Now, you will see why I am such a big fan of Clen. Add Clen and, realistically, it’s about 2 months. Of course a GOOD diet is needed, in which case, you can check out our nutritional articles.

I’d also recommend checking out our Clen articles, as well. While, “wonder drugs” do not exist, Clen, simply, is on another level for allowing you to lose fat. One of the other things I love on it is the extra energy. Yep! Dieting with extra energy is possible. What is not to love about that?

Now, on the other hand of spectrum: You are skinny and want to get a V taper, you need some muscle, duh!

OK, let’s say though, that you are skinny, shoulders are very narrow and, simply, not muscular. What do we do then? If you want the V taper to look big, or simply to just look better, you have to do this by adding muscle. How much muscle? Enough muscle to get the V taper! But it would be unfair if I left it there, since there’s ways to rapidly increase fat loss.

I’m sure you’re wondering if there’s anything you can use to rapidly increase muscle mass. Well, yes, I have 2 I’d recommend for a first cycle. Anavar, (If you want to put about 10lbs of lean muscle on, while keeping a 6pack, and having strength gains that go through the roof, this is for you!).

Anavar can be used for up to 8 weeks and results are usually noticed within the first week. How’s that for a kick start? Or want something with a bit more of an edge to it? Try some Testosterone! This will give you gains in the 20/30lbs region for a first time user, if diet is right. Talk about completely revolutionizing the way you look.

Now, back on with the training. There are two separate muscle groups you need to work on to get the V taper – the lats and the shoulders. Now, I find lats one of the easiest muscle groups to increase in size, with or without anabolic steroid use, which is a positive.

However, if you want to look more impressive, especially with a shirt on, the shoulders take priority, and are much more important than lats. Working your shoulders often, hard, and correctly is not only important, it is required for making the shoulders larger.

The shoulders are a tricky group, and can be trained in different ways. I’d recommend overhead press with and without dumbbells—Hitting them from a variety of angles. For chest and triceps, how about adding bench press and or dips? Think about it! Both work out the shoulders. Logically, you’ll be hitting your shoulders much more by adding dips, than doing skull-crushers or an exercise similar to this.

Ignore the people who tell you “only train your shoulders once per week.” This was said by a guy either trying to make money off you, or a skinny guy.

Main exercises to prioritize? Pull-ups (WIDE grip!), great for the back, lats and shoulders!! Overhead press. Make these staples of your training.

Items certainly worth using?

Anavar can be used for putting on muscle and or losing fat. and can be used with clen, almost a super drug. And gives you GREAT strength gains.

Winstrol. Why Winstrol? Because it allows you to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass, Perfect for dieting, and you can use it with Clen! Another bonus. Build muscle, harden the muscle and lose weight? What’s not to love?

Clen. Lose 5/7lbs a week.

Testosterone. First time user? Gains of 20/25lbs are more than realistic. I’ve even seen 30lbs in 3 months!

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